Manchester Teen Faces Sex Offender Status for Touching 17-Year-Old on the Arm, Waist

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“Touching someone’s arm to get their attention, I would have thought was normal.”

Lenore Skenazy –

Last fall, in Manchester, England, an awkward 19-year-old male student touched a 17-year-old female classmate’s arm on the street during the daytime. He later said he had wanted to make a friend.

This rattled the young woman so much that she went to the police. Now the young man is facing possible jail time and could be placed on the sex offense registry.

“The complainant’s evidence was very clear, logical and without embellishment,” a magistrate told the young man. “We can think of no motivation for you to touch the victim other than sexual. Had she not taken evasive action the assault was likely to have been even more serious.”

At his hearing, student Jamie Griffiths was convicted of two charges of sexual assault, in part because the accuser, now 18, said that she had “no doubt” that had she not moved away from him that first time he touched her arm, he would have gone on to touch her breast.

As she told the court, according to The Manchester Evening News:

“I was just set on getting home and [reviewing] for my mock exams, but as I was coming over the bridge I saw him facing a hedge and I thought it was really weird. He wasn’t doing anything. He was just facing the hedge, staring at it.

“As I walked towards him, I was watching him and he suddenly swung round so he was facing me.

“I remember it happening fast. As soon as he moved, I moved, and I said: ‘stop’ and he touched me on my arm.  I sort of jolted out of the way and I went into the road to avoid him and he very quickly walked away…

“I forgot about it for a while because I had my exams. I just thought it was weird behavior.”

It does sound like weird behavior. Does it sound like a crime punishable by possible jail time and placement on the sex offense registry?

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