Many California schools back Prop 13. Why not LAUSD?

Feb 28, 2020 by

California’s largest school district has not taken an official position on a bond measure that would raise billions of dollars for schools. A clause on developer fees may be part of the reason.

A $15-billion bond measure to improve school and college facilities may offer limited aid to the Los Angeles Unified School District — which has not endorsed the March 3 ballot measure despite widespread support from school systems, teachers unions and universities throughout the state.

Several provisions in Proposition 13 (which has no relation to the 1978 measure that capped property tax increases) are of concern, including reductions in developer fees to the district and how the state would prioritize distributing the money if it passes.

Unlike some school districts, Los Angeles has not yet released monetary projections on how the bond could affect the district.

The measure calls for a 20% reduction in fees that developers pay school districts when they build new multi-unit housing. The bond would eliminate those fees altogether when that housing is built near transit hubs, which L.A. city leaders have said is a priority. The limitations would be in place until 2026.

Source: Many California schools back Prop 13. Why not LAUSD? – Los Angeles Times

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