Many metro Atlanta schools still in laptop limbo

Oct 24, 2020 by

After two months of waiting, some school systems in metro Atlanta are finally distributing the laptops to students that they ordered months ago.

But other districts are still waiting on their orders.

The culprit: international demand for the inexpensive computers school systems want has outstripped supply. That’s because of the switch to remote learning prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite putting orders for thousands of new Chromebooks, iPads and other computer devices as early as last May, area school leaders say they are either slowly rolling out the supply they’ve recently received or are waiting for orders that won’t come in until the holidays.

“To date, we are experiencing extended wait times due to manufacturing backlogs as a result of increased global demand for the devices,” Frank Elmore, chief information officer for Gwinnett County Public Schools – the state’s largest school system – told county school board members at a meeting Thursday.

As the new academic year began, the delay left thousands of students across metro Atlanta either using their own devices — including cellphones and game consoles — or employing old district-issued computers that have been patched up to fill the gaps.

Source: Many metro Atlanta schools still in laptop limbo

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