Many STEM jobs don’t require four-year degree

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Two-thirds of students graduating with a bachelor’s degree nowadays owe an average $26,000 and at the same time they are facing a tight job market.

Meanwhile, many high-tech jobs that require science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills go unfilled even though they require no more than a two-year degree offered at many public community colleges.

“There certainly is strong and growing demand for those occupations in the economy, and the supply typically lags behind the demand that is out there,” said James Ross, a labor market analyst for the New York State Labor Department.

According to a report released last month by the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., half of the 26 million STEM jobs in the United States do not require a four-year college degree, but pay $53,000 on average — 10 percent more than jobs with similar education requirements.

In the Rochester area, there are about 98,200 STEM jobs, which accounts for about 21 percent of the total local labor pool, according to Brookings.

MCC on the job

Local STEM jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree or more pay an average of about $81,200. Jobs that require a bachelor’s degree include: Software developers, physicians, engineers, financial analysts and pharmacists.

Those requiring an associate’s degree or less pay an average of about $50,000. STEM jobs that require less than a four-year degree include: Registered nurses, machinists, electrical technicians, and respiratory therapists.

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