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7 Speed Reading

An Interview with Marc Slater: 7 Speed Reading

Michael F. Shaughnessy

1) First of all, can you tell us about yourself, your education and experience?

Hello, my name is Marc :-)

Academically, my main background is in software engineering. I studied software engineering at university for four years and earned a first class honors. I also received a scholarship to complete a PhD, but eventually decided that my skills would be put to better use in the business world. I have completed additional studies in marketing, music, communication, and psychology.

I consider myself a lifelong learner and I’m constantly studying material to help improve eReflect’s products and business processes.

2) Now, how did you first get involved in reading?

Like most other people, I started reading as a child, and quickly learned to love books and the stories and information they contained. The more I read, the more I wanted to read! Even the books and texts assigned in school were interesting because I always learned something new. I’m lucky to have always had access to books in my home growing up, and to a good local library.

3) How did you first get involved in Speed reading?

My reading skills took me through the first years of school, but as soon as I started studying for the university examinations I realized that they weren’t going to be enough to let me accomplish everything that I wanted to in my advanced degrees. There is so much more reading required at the university level, and many students find that they just can’t keep up with all of the assigned texts, much less the independent research required for papers and final projects. That’s when I first started looking into speed reading techniques, and applying them in my own life. I found out which ones worked best for me, and which ones helped me make the most progress.

4) Now, tell us about 7 Speed reading and what you are trying to accomplish?

Once I started focusing on software engineering as a career, I became interested in the idea of combining modern technology with old-school skills like reading, in order to bring literacy skills into the 21st century. With 7 Speed Reading, I truly believe that we have created a system that teaches speed reading in the shortest amount of time by focusing on detailed, personalized instruction in combination with multimedia training techniques that anyone can use. Our goal is to provide speed reading instruction to as many people as possible, so that everyone can get the benefits of better reading speed and improved comprehension.

5) Is there any specific theory behind this 7 Speed Reading program?

7 Speed Reading builds on a wide range of research and studies encompassing literacy development, user interface optimization, goal-based education, mind/muscle connections, and ergonomics.

6) How does it work and what grade levels is it for?

7 Speed Reading works by helping people eliminate unhelpful and outdated reading habits, and teaching them the techniques that will let them double or triple their reading speed, without losing the ability to understand, remember, and recall the important information contained in the texts that they have read. When I say “outdated” reading habits, I’m referring to ones that most people develop in their early years, when they first start learning to read. For example, many children are told that they need to say the words out loud as they read, so that they learn how to pronounce words as they learn them. In a classroom setting, the teacher is able to correct the student’s pronunciation. Unfortunately, when the students leave the classroom, they still keep the habit of saying words out loud as they read. As adults, this often means they’re “reading out loud” in their heads, something called sub vocalization. And what that means is their reading speed may never go beyond normal speaking speed, or about 150 words per minute.

That’s one of the reasons we developed 7 Speed Reading to be used by children from the 4th grade on. By using 7 Speed Reading younger students can quickly shed the bad habits they learned a few years earlier. But people of any age can also use the system to overcome these habits and retrain their eyes and brains to work faster and more efficiently in the speed reading process.

7) I know some “speed reading ” programs use a tachistoscope and progressively make the screen go from left to right faster and faster. What does your program do?

Some of the eye training exercises in 7 Speed Reading do use focused movement to help build eye muscle strength and fixation accuracy, but that’s only part of speed reading. Remember, it’s not just how quickly your eyes move, it’s how well you can pick out, understand, and remember the information on the page that your eyes are moving over. That’s why much of the training concentrates on things like phrase recognition and expanded field of processing – that’s where your eyes can take in entire groups of words quickly and accurately. We teach people how to perfect the art of satisficing, or targeting key words and information while reading. Part of the training involves a course on ergonomics, to help people understand how to set up their reading spaces and workstations in order to minimize eye strain. Most importantly, the system tracks the results of all of the training and helps people concentrate on working on the things that are slowing them down right now.

8) Do you have a web site where people can learn more about this program?

You can learn all about the system by going to

9) Is there any research on this and what measure do you use?

There has been a lot of research on speed reading over the years, and on related topics connected to literacy, memory training, and the physical and neurological aspect of reading itself, and we developed 7 Speed Reading on a firm basis of scientific and theoretical knowledge. We constantly look for new sources of information in these fields and keep up with the latest developments in both pedagogy and science. As far as measuring success, we look to our clients for that answer! Everyone who uses 7 Speed Reading has the ability to set their own reading speed and comprehension goals, and our satisfaction comes from helping people reach and even exceed those goals.

10) What have I neglected to ask?

“But is it any fun to use?” – And the answer is definitely YES! One of the ways that people can personalize the 7 Speed Reading program is by using their own uploaded texts. Unlike other programs, which make you practice with the same texts over and over again, 7 Speed Reading allows you to add any up loadable text file to the already large library included with the program (over 500 free e-books) so that you can practice your speed reading techniques while learning new things and discovering new authors.

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  1. Nick

    Buyer beware. I bought the “7 Speed Reading” program in 2014 and was not satisfied with my results.

    They have a money back guarantee, plus $50 if you’re not satisfied. It took OVER A MONTH and DOZENS of emails just to get them to acknowledge me, then another month to finally get my money back. And forget about the extra $50. They refused to honor their pledge.

    If it seems to good to be true, it is. (In fact, comprehension experts will tell you it’s impossible to maintain such speeds without significantly reducing comprehension. Google it.)

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