“Maria Berry – Texas SBOE Candidate — Extraordinary”

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“Maria Berry – Texas SBOE Candidate — Extraordinary”

By Donna Garner


Texas is blessed to have Maria Berry as an extraordinary candidate for the Texas State Board of Education (District 14). 

Yesterday my husband and I had the privilege of spending quality time with Maria, her husband JB, and two of their children.  It did our hearts good to see the love this family bears for each other.  They are wonderful role models and community leaders who are using their many talents as they work diligently with the at-risk youth whose lives they touch each day.

When elected to the SBOE, Maria will be a strong conservative leader to move our public schools back-to-the-basics where students focus on facts and deep subject content knowledge rather than on group think and social activism.  

According to the latest curriculum standards (TEKS) timeline, Health Education and Physical Education TEKS are to be adopted in the fall of 2021; Science TEKS in the fall of 2022; and Math TEKS in the fall of 2024.

If elected to the SBOE, Maria Berry would be seated in Jan. 2021.  Since it takes about two years for each of the TEKS documents to be adopted from the beginning of the process until the end, Maria would be on the Board and involved in all four of these important adoptions — Health Ed, PE Ed, Science, and Math.  

Maria has served in many capacities in her working life having served as an accountant, a PEIMS clerk, an organizer of a non-profit board, an instructional specialist, a substitute teacher, an at-risk specialist, and a business and math teacher.  She has always loved people, business, and numbers; and her life experiences have taught her the importance of learning traditional math.  Maria is also a strong advocate for Health Ed TEKS that are medically and scientifically based – not those that are based upon cultural aberrations.

It is the TEKS (curriculum standards) that form the foundation for almost everything that is taught in classrooms each day.  The TEKS determine the day-to-day teaching units, the STAAR/EOC tests, textbooks and instructional materials, educator professional development, teacher evaluations, and pre-teacher college instruction.  The A – F Record Card grades for each public school campus in Texas are based upon how well the TEKS are covered and mastered.


a strong sense of right and wrong/fact vs. fiction;         

the ability to be independent thinkers who base their decisions upon close analysis of the issues instead of on group think;

deep foundational knowledge and skills so that they can transition to new vocations and the ever-changing innovations of the future;

strong academic proficiency which will open many doors of opportunity for them either in college or careers;

a love and appreciation for America that will cause them to want to contribute to its greatness.


It is up to us voters to elect SBOE members who are strong leaders, who are not afraid to be criticized, who will dedicate themselves to studying each issue for themselves, who will not wilt under public pressure, and who will know when not to compromise on closely held values.

Maria Berry is this type of person. Her life story reflects it. Now it is up to all Texans to help her get elected. No matter where we live in Texas, the decisions made by the SBOE impact the entire state and its future.

Early voting in Texas begins Feb. 18, 2020.


Right now Maria needs $3500 for radio spots to cover her huge District 14 (all the way from Central Texas through Denton County).  She needs $600 for yard signs and $300 for push cards. She and her husband live on a modest salary, and this race is truly a personal sacrifice for them.

If we do not care about the future of our school children, who will? 



1.8.20 — “Texans, Chance To Make a Difference: Elect Maria Berry to SBOE” — By Donna Garner – EdViews.org

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  1. Avatar
    Robin Hitt

    I want to vote for a true conservative. But, because you didn’t answer any questions in the ivoteguide, I don’t know where you stand on a lot of things. Sorry, Maria. I wish you had shown interest in this so we could better know you and your views.

    • Avatar
      Marc Quinn

      I agree completely with Robin; not spending my vote on a candidate that may vacillate on my views when it comes time to take a stand and vote, most especially when it directly affects future generations. Thank you.

  2. Avatar
    Peggy T.

    Regretfully, I am, in good conscience, not able to vote for Maria Berry. If you don’t answer questions in the iVoterGuide, I am left to assume conservative voters would not approve of your answers. If you CALL yourself a conservative, what would you have to hide? Your conservative opponent answered the questions. I will be voting for her.

    • Avatar
      Peggy T.

      Follow-up… I received an e-mail from Ms. Donna Garner on 2/29/2020. She provided information on Maria Berry that substantiates she is the most conservative choice. I WILL be voting for her!

      Thank you, Donna, for the information!!

    • Avatar

      Peggy — Are you a troll or a Russian bot? The opponent Sue Melton Malone got a 33% conservative rating. 33%! Meanwhile, Maria’s endorsers are calling her a “strong conservative who believes in traditional values.” It’s possible the ivoterguide slipped through the cracks. The incumbent didn’t bother to answer hers either, and she has done this drill before. I will gladly take my chances on someone who is called a conservative who believes in traditional values. Every day of the week.

      • Avatar
        Denise Lane

        I agree with JBP about choosing someone who calls herself a strong conservative. However, it would be much nicer to read her responses to the ivoter questions in order to determine for myself whether she is truly a strong conservative. If there were another conservative candidate who HAD completed the questionnaire, I would have chosen him/her instead.

  3. Avatar
    Steve B.

    What are you afraid of? Answer the iVoterGuide questions. You want us to vote vote for you but won’t tell us where you stand. Why should I vote for you? Anyone can say they are conservative. Prove it!

  4. Avatar

    I agree with the previous comments regarding the iVoter Guide. It is a huge mistake by a candidate to not answer the Voter questions. It leaves a voter questioning the candidates’ desire to win the office.

  5. Avatar
    Bernice Davis

    I agree with the above commentor. Not answering questions doesn’t look good to the people that are looking for how a candidate feels about things that affect our lives. I had just prayed for God to guide me with knowledge on candidates, and then I seen the website. Normally, I would have clicked off the candidate with no answers pronto.

  6. Avatar

    I agree with Bev, but since we did click on the link, I am happy to find someone who is like-minded about education. I’m a writer and live on SSA or I would make a great financial contribution.

  7. Avatar
    Beverly Engelhardt

    I usually go by the iVoterGuide to gain knowledge about the candidates. It would have been very helpful for Maria to have answered the questions on the guide! I normally would not click on a link to gain further insights into what she is for/against. Gave me a BAD feeling about her for not answering the questions !

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