Maricopa colleges de facto union is unfair

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Johanna Haver is governing board secretary at the Maricopa County Community College District.

Johanna Haver –

Leaders of the Maricopa County Community College District faculty association are angry at many of us on the MCCCD Governing Board because of our vote on Feb. 27  to end the cumbersome “Meet and Confer” policy.

Presently, Chancellor Maria Harper-Marinick and district leaders are in the process of creating a new decision-making system modelled after that of our state universities where meet and confer is not allowed.

The change will streamline the process. Faculty members will be able to continue to offer their input through various means, such as the instructional councils for every academic discipline and the faculty senate at each college.

Meet and confer imposes collective bargaining

Meet and confer is not appropriate for a “right-to-work” state.

It imposes collective bargaining on administrative decisions – with faculty association leaders’ insistence on more pay, fewer responsibilities and/or less accountability before agreeing to much of anything – no matter how important or how urgent the situation.

Consequently, the vast majority of policies resulting from meet and confer have been beneficial to the instructors personally, but not in line with the goal of the district to provide excellence in instruction.

The faculty association has blamed board members for the predictable challenges that have occurred while converting to an entirely new compensation system for the district’s nearly 11,000 employees.

The way it was before was unfair in that a person at one college could be doing the same work as one at another college but with a different title and more pay.

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