The Mark of Soros: Underwriting the Left’s Buyout of America

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By Stephen Owsinski –

The behind-the-curtains wealthy wizard of Deep State financing is at it again. George Soros, born György Schwartz, transferred $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation to further its monolithic mission.

The Hungarian-born investor and hedge fund magnate is well-known for using his billions to fund the likes of Hillary Rodham Clinton and mayhem-inducing groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. That gall is lavished with an infinite stream of currency to carry out heated invective and spew.

The 87-year-old hedge fund manager from Budapest, Hungary is neither slowing down his proliferation of revenue nor relenting his buttressing of Left-leaning institutions and their anti-police inflammation. As of May 2017, Soros cobbled together $25.2 billion in assets and is said to be among the 30 richest people in the world.

Getting Behind Social Justice Politicos

A few months ago, Soros peeled off a few million from his 25-plus billions and funneled it through a boutique law firm to finance a Democratic district attorney campaign in Philadelphia. With his wallet in the pockets of Philadelphia district attorney candidate Larry Krasner, a Democrat and supporter of protesters who he’s defended pro bono, Soros has his hands on the joysticks of a Philly political heat.

Krasner is a criminal defense attorney whose career largely concentrated on representing civil rights cases. Although Krasner has never prosecuted a case, ever, Soros evidently feels he is the man for the job. Krasner is running on a platform to significantly reduce incarcerations (his campaign page coined the term #Decarcerate) while also targeting police for prosecutions.

Larry Krasner is the Democrat candidate for Philadelphia district attorney whose campaign is heavily funded by George Soros. (Credit: Facebook/LarryKrasnerforDA).

In May 2017, Krasner posted a meme of himself accompanied by the words, “Many DAs don’t initiate police misconduct cases because of political ambitions. I won’t be one of them.” Actually, the other side of that coin is that many prosecutors allegedly do because of the court of public opinion, outcry, and pressures…often resulting in knee-jerk decisions and acquittals by juries composed of peers. Objectivity, facts, evidence, probable cause and applications of law form the recipe for any prosecutor to charge or not, whether it be a police officer or John Q. Citizen committing a perceived wrong.

Krasner’s contender, Beth Grossman (R), has served over two decades as an assistant district attorney and has a large portfolio of wins prosecuting violent drug offender cases among a variety of others. According to The Inquirer, Grossman is poised for repairing “the damage done by disgraced former DA Seth Williams [Democrat], who in June pleaded guilty to bribery.”

The Inquirer endorses the Republican candidate, espousing “Grossman’s tough, independent streak should also help her keep her promise to prosecute dirty politicians. In the last three years, 15 Democratic officeholders were found guilty on corruption charges, including Williams.”

Republican district attorney candidate in Philadelphia, Beth Grossman, stands with and is endorsed by police and firefighter unions in Philly. (Credit: Beth Grossman for District Attorney).

“Her prosecutorial and administrative experience, thoughtfulness, and flexibility seal the deal,” wrote The Editorial Board at Philly’s The Inquirer. conducted a Q&A interview with both Krasner and Grossman, especially as it relates to “homelessness and policing” in Philly. Some of their answers align whereas others do not. I can tell you that it sounds like Mr. Krasner ought to do a few ride-alongs with Philly cops to actually experience police interactions. His assertion that cops wake up homeless individuals by “kicking” and “cussing at them” is preposterous, wholly offensive, and entirely prejudiced. This, from a man who purports his candidacy for Philadelphia’s top law enforcement official, is shade where light would illuminate the city’s alleged woes far better.

The Inquirer, a Philadelphia-based  newspaper, recently reported both DA candidates’ prosecutorial pursuit aspirations relating to cops who cross the line. Nothing earth-shattering; however, the nuances both candidates agree on are how “arbitration” dubiously enables seemingly troubled cops to get their badges/guns back, requiring further scrutiny.

On October 19, 2017, the second round of debates was scheduled at La Salle University where Krasner and Republican candidate Beth Grossman sparred. Guess who had more money in the pockets?

Cartoon illustrating political campaign influence from George Soros’ monetary contributions to Left-leaning incumbents like Larry Krasner, the Democrat incumbent in Philadelphia’s district attorney race. (Credit: Facebook/Beth Grossman for District Attorney).

On the heels of the cartoon above, I also found the following posted by Beth Grossman for District Attorney social media folks who wrote “Philadelphia’s safety has been sold for a whopping 1.5million…Thanks Larry” segueing to an excerpt allegedly spoken by George Soros in 1995: “Everybody says that I have a lot of power. But what does that power consist of? Can I influence governments? I am beginning to be able to.”

Election day in Philadelphia is November 7, the outcome of which will telegraph how the criminal justice system in Philly will scale. As reported by The Inquirer, “With Democrats holding a 7-1 edge in voter registration in the city, Krasner is widely considered the favorite to win the Nov. 7 general election.”

Open Society Foundations

Soros’ chronic funding of American progressivism and American liberalism is disbursed from his political activism hub, Open Society Foundations (OSF). The OSF slug line is “The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.” Take a slight detour: It seems ironic to name a movement Open Society Foundations when the actual entity’s targeting is performed in clandestine-like fashion with threats to society’s conservative foundations.

Pivot to present-day clandestine operations of OSF and we see gobs of money being poured into an array of Democrat-based political party affiliations, much like the Philadelphia district attorney race we discussed earlier.

The Democratic Philadelphia district attorney contender’s campaign tenets include “Resist Trump” initiatives and related platforms such as “stand up to police misconduct.” Why? Because the mind can easily conjure and inflate a substance that is actually minuscule in nature. Police misconduct exists but it is merely confined to the modest occupancy of a tiny basket overshadowed by the gloriousness of a hot-air balloon.

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bidding was cushioned by millions from the wallet of George Soros, making his mark on the 2016 election cycle. After Election Day 2016, the Clinton camp, Soros and Open Society figureheads reportedly sat in a closed meeting to discuss what happened.

The Open Society Foundations brand is ostensibly marching its mission in many nations.

Hungary’s own government is going after George Soros, pretty much for the same thing he is doing across the United States. Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orbán categorized Soros as “public enemy” and a “liberal bogeyman” for orchestrating sway over Hungary’s political climate. Hungary’s Fidesz Party believes the “Soros plan” infuses millions of dollars to facilitate one million migrants per year into Europe and to destroy Hungary’s anti-migrant border wall. Hungary PM Orbán believes Soros is behind the mass invasion of Muslims in his nation.

Tainting America

If Americans are whitewashing their history, Soros sure is supplying the detergent and pay-rolled custodians to come in and unabashedly do the scrubbing. published an elaborate breakdown of how billions of Soros dollars are used and by whom, “much of which has been used to attack religion and advance a liberal agenda on immigration, abortion, hate speech, the Women’s March, and environmentalism.”

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, defined George Soros well when she said he “is attempting to bring his anti-Americanism, socialism, and globalist internationalism into every sphere of American Life, and destroy every vestige of America as a free nation.”

A noted historian on the life and trails of George Soros, Ms. Geller chronicles the billionaires earlier years when he allegedly said helping the Nazis “was the happiest time of my life.” That quote was published by in March 2016, claiming Soros’ role during WWII was “confiscating the land of Jews in Hungary.”

According to The Washington Times, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has been busy contributing funds to various organizations seemingly in the anti-Trump business. In its report, all money trails led to George Soros pockets from where disbursements were made.

“Declare George Soros a Terrorist” Petition

Right on the site since August 20, 2017, a petition has been circulating seeking a 100,000 signature goal, pre-determined for the White House to consider and officially declare George Soros a terrorist. I’ve seen the “Declare George Soros a terrorist” petition scroll in news feeds over the last few months. As of this writing, it boasts beyond what it required, currently standing at 150,466 signatures.

In addition to categorizing Soros a terrorist, the petition also seeks to have the federal government seize all Soros’ “personal and organizational wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law,” otherwise known as RICO and NDAA enforcement codes.

The gist of the petition colorizes Soros as a “domestic terrorist” who has “willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens, has created and funded dozens (and probably hundreds) of discrete organizations whose sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to facilitate the collapse of the systems and Constitutional government of the United States, and has developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government.”


No matter where you stand on the legalization of cannabis in our country, Soros has his hand in that pot also. His large contributions to lobbyists helped seed and till the political landscape to cultivate favorable legislation. In October 2010, Soros wrote in the Wall Street Journal: “We should invest in effective education rather than ineffective arrest and incarceration.”

Multi-billionaire George Soros donated some of his wealth, helping to shape California’s quest to legalize marijuana. (Facebook/György Soros – George Soros)

Per his own Facebook page, Soros writes “I support the California legal campaign with a million dollar. As A Hungarian, world-famous financier, on October 26 [2014], I published a publicist in the wall street journal, in which I briefly and briefly explain why I decided to offer a large amount of money. The generous support is spent on TV commercials which are now being broadcast in the state.” Not exactly stellar prose, but the message is decipherable.

Can you also detect the air of ego in his words? He seems high on the idea of furthering cannabis legislation by whipping out his wallet…and making known his cloud of collateral.

For me, it is all relative to law enforcement and Soros stooges who taunt cops on the front-lines of protests, inciting, jeering, sneering and lobbing barbs at police officials who must confront such shenanigans.

Source: The Mark of Soros: Underwriting the Left’s Buyout of America – OpsLens

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