Marketing a New Business Isn’t Always Easy

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By Tom Senkus –

Starting a business can be an enormous challenge for those who are relatively new to entrepreneurship. It can be a struggle to get your business off the ground and immediately competing with established businesses. One of the most common challenges that businesses may overlook is marketing effectively to get the word out that you’re ready to do business. Let’s take a look at a number of challenges that can hold back new businesses when trying to get the word out.

Relying on Organic Traffic

It can be a nice thought that just by throwing your hat in the arena and waiting for customers to spread the word about your company can lead to unprecedented growth through organic traffic. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic. Often, a business will neglect sinking capital into advertising their business to the public, hoping that it will grow organically. Instead, this can be a recipe for disaster, especially when the initial buzz about your company dies down and it becomes just part of an industry. Therefore, you’ll want to investigate paid opportunities on nearly every platform to help stimulate your company’s growth, raise brand awareness, and keep your company top-of-mind year-round.

Avoiding Social Media

Social media is one of the leading platforms for 21st-century customer service and brand awareness. Considering that there are nearly 3 billion global social media users around the world, this level of activity can aid your business in effectively finding your audience and creating vital engagement.

At this point in the modern global economy, not having a social media presence is akin to not having a website in the early 2000’s. In other words, if your company doesn’t have a social media presence on at least one platform, your company isn’t marketing itself effectively. A positive social media presence is much more than simply racking up vanity metrics such as likes and shares. Instead, it can be something that your business develops as a critical way to reach your audience and position your brand among competitors.

Similarly, social media platforms can also feed directly into the content and knowledge strategy of your business, such as when sharing blogs, articles, whitepaper, and more. Sharing your content on social media helps stimulate traffic and establishes your company as an expert provider of knowledge in your field, which adds value that your followers appreciate.

Not Making Your Business Accessible

You can have the best products and services in the world, coupled with the greatest marketing campaigns that make your potential customer salivate, but if they can’t reach your business to place orders, all of that effort is wasted. Thanks to advancements in cloud computing (such as VoIP), your business telephone numbers can play a vital part in bridging the communication gap in marketing. By opening up lines of communication, you complete your marketing efforts and create a customer base that can enable your business to scale and grow to remain competitive.

For instance, if you use US phone numbers to reach American markets, your business can be located anywhere else in the world through this technology. Because we live in a global marketplace that is evolving at an unprecedented rate, using modern communication methods is mandatory in the 21st century.

Doing the Same-Old Same-Old

Part of marketing a new business is showing how different your business is from established businesses. Because you’re the new player on the scene, this enables your business more maneuverability to answer a market’s demands. This versatility should be seen as an excellent advantage over larger organizations, which often are slow-moving and incapable of devoting resources to unproven methods, rendering them less likely to take action in new, innovative ways.

The same idea follows for marketing. Try to identify where your markets are actually spending their day, not where other companies spend their money. You may be surprised to find that your marketing budgets are more wisely spent on newer forms of communication that spring up every day. Creating excitement and anticipation is the name of the game, particularly when it is important to grab the attention of customers who are looking for fast, easy solutions to their particular problems.

Author’s Bio: As a freelance writer and entrepreneur, Tom Senkus shares his knowledge of marketing techniques and best practices for small businesses, particularly startups. For more information about his published work and writing services, visit

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