Marxist plan for the USA: Turn America into another USSR

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America is under attack, and it’s not from illegal aliens invading our country or an army at our gates. It’s by the people who opened our borders to invasion, and they are within our government. Marxist plan for the USA: Turn America into another USSR

By Charles Wills –

Marxist plan for the USA: Turn America into another USSR

America is being attacked from within by Marxists whose primary goal is to overthrow the government and replace it with an oppressive communist regime. To further that goal, the Marxist Obama administration planted communists throughout the government. All branches of government have been compromised by people who have no allegiance to the United States of America. They are not loyal to the United States or the American people. They are only loyal to their ideology, and their ideology is oppressive global Marxism.

Moreover, Congress has been infiltrated by socialists whose purpose is to stall, interfere, disrupt and create discord and gridlock in Congress. Their mission is to interfere with government and bring the system down so the Marxists behind them can gain more power. The socialist morons in Congress, useful idiots, are assisted by the Marxist media, whose job is to promote false and misleading communist propaganda, like the Russian Delusion scam, and to divert our attention away from the crimes of Marxists and their brainless morons in government.

Furthermore, Marxist within our government and the media have made a mockery of our Constitution and our rights under it. They turned sexual preference into gay rights and abortion into women’s rights. Everything they do is designed to undermine the Constitution, divide the population and promote godlessness. They pit men against women, homosexuals against heterosexuals, and blacks and latinos against whites. Divide and conquer is their preferred tactic. But make no mistake, Marxists want to control the lives of the masses, regardless of race, sex or sexual preference.

To put it into perspective, Marxists want to create a police state where they have total control over everyone and everything, including what we are allowed to say. Once Marxist gain total power, they will have the power to exterminate or imprison anyone who speaks out against them. In the past, the politically correct movement was the only way Marxists had to stifle free speech.

However, since gaining a foothold in Congress and the Supreme Court, Marxists have moved to pass legislation designed to stifle free speech by criminalizing it. They call it hate speech. Hate speech bills are designed to strip Americans of the right to free speech. There’s no other reason or justification for hate speech bills. Likewise, the Patriot Act, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the Freedom Act are nothing more than ways to take away our constitutional rights. All these bills are nothing more than a means to circumvent the Constitution—to make it meaningless.

And, we can’t rely on the Supreme Court to uphold the Constitution and challenge these unconstitutional bills because every branch of government has been infiltrated and corrupted. If the Supreme court was really loyal to the American people and the Constitution, they would have acted to strike down these unconstitutional bills. They didn’t! Think about that for a while.

In addition, Marxists also control social networks like Twitter and Facebook. If the social media moguls weren’t against free speech, they wouldn’t censor people who criticize their Marxist comrades or speak out against things like infanticide. Zuckerberg and the heads of Twitter and Youtube single out and censor conservatives and by doing so, they have shown us that they oppose our right to free speech. Think about that before using their platforms.

Now Marxists are moving, through state legislatures, to undermine the Constitutional Electoral College through the National Popular Vote Bill. The Nation Popular vote bill is an agreement between states to cast all of their electoral votes for the winner of the nation popular vote regardless of how the citizens in that state voted. Marxists think they control enough voting machines in large population centers to control the popular vote and keep Marxists like Obama in power. It’s just another way to silence us by nullifying our vote.

Moreover, many people believe that the Soviet Union collapsed because communist leaders decided to pick up their marbles and go home, and that may be true. If we consider the fact that Wall Street banksters in New York financed Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution, and Russian Communists moved back to New York, then they did take their marbles and go home. Now they are back in America trying to recreate the old Soviet Union, and they have the mainstream media, social media and brainless idiots in Congress and the justice system working on their behalf.

By the way, Vladimir Putin said, “anyone who doesn’t miss the Soviet Union doesn’t have a heart, and anyone who wants it back doesn’t have a brain.” Obviously, the brainless Marxists in our government don’t share Putin’s sentiments because they are trying to recreate the USSR right here in America. I agree with Putin though, these people don’t have a brain.

Finally, America is under attack, and it’s not from illegal aliens invading our country or an army at our gates. It’s by the people who opened our borders to invasion, and they are within our government. Marxist revolutionaries are within our government, and their plan for the USA is to turn America into another USSR. The only branch of government working against them is the executive branch under President Trump, and that’s why they hate the President and want him out of office. We can only pray that they will all be exposed and prosecuted or exiled. If that doesn’t happen soon, then our free Constitutional Republic of America will fall to oppressive communism and become another USSR.

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