Mary Lou Bruner in Primary Run-Off for SBOE

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“Mary Lou Bruner in Primary Run-Off for SBOE”

By Donna Garner


Mary Lou Bruner, candidate for Texas State Board of Education District 9 (East and Northeast Texas), is now running in the Republican Primary Run-off on May 24.  Last night, Mary Lou received 48.45% of the vote while her opponent in the run-off received only 31.10%. The opponent is backed by the Ratliff family, the national school administrators’ professional organization, and the national school board association – organizations that are controlled by the federal government and the U. S. Department of Education.


Texas public school students, parents, and teachers badly need Mary Lou Bruner on the SBOE.  Mary Lou is now retired; but she worked for 36 years in the Texas public schools as a teacher, counselor, and educational diagnostician.  She knows how children think. She also knows the best ways to help them learn the foundational knowledge and skills that parents want their children to know. Mary Lou will not be fooled by those who want to indoctrinate our Texas children into anti-American thinking nor by those people who see no need for children to learn the basic skills needed for success (e.g., phonics, grammar, usage, spelling, cursive, math facts, etc.).   


Here is the 2.24.16 audio clip of Mary Lou Bruner’s comments as shared on the Alice Linahan Show –  


Below is another audio clip of an interview that Mary Lou did several weeks ago. Listeners will love her common-sense approach to education:



To learn more about Mary Lou Bruner and why she will make an excellent member of the Texas State Board of Education, please go to her website:


Those of us who deeply care about the future of our state’s students need to donate to Mary Lou’s run-off campaign since she and her husband Anthony have used up their meager campaign budget on the primary race.  


Texas Freedom Network is orchestrating a massive smear campaign nationwide to brutalize Mary Lou and the SBOE in the press.  Numerous articles popped up even this morning almost before the votes were counted from last night (e.g., Houston Chronicle, The Daily Beast, etc.).  Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood International, started Texas Freedom Network in 1995; and TFN has joined up with the Human Rights Campaign (largest homosexual organization in the U. S.) to mount a constant attack against the teaching of traditional values in our schools.


This SBOE District 9 run-off race will be hard-fought; but for the sake of our Texas school children, we cannot afford to lose it.

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