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“Mary Lou Bruner, SBOE Candidate To Take Thomas Ratliff’s Place”

By Donna Garner



For more than six years, we Texans have griped and complained about Thomas Ratliff’s being on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) because of his obvious conflicts of interest as a registered lobbyist for Microsoft since at least 1997.  The Texas Education Agency and the SBOE do tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of business with Microsoft because of the many technology ties that are found in today’s public schools. Not only has Thomas Ratliff been on the SBOE, but he managed to get himself put on the exact SBOE committee that handles the Permanent School Fund; this committee decides on contracts, including those with Microsoft. Thankfully Ratliff’s days on the SBOE will be over at the end of 2016 because he failed to get his filing fee turned in by the deadline to run again this year.

All of us in Texas should be so excited because Mary Lou Bruner is running in Ratliff’s spot.  When elected, she will become a huge addition to the SBOE and to all of the millions of public school students and educators in Texas.

Mary Lou is now retired; but she worked for 36 years in the Texas public schools as a teacher, counselor, and educational diagnostician.  She knows how children think. She also knows the best ways to help them learn the foundational knowledge and skills that parents want their children to know. Mary Lou will not be fooled by those who want to indoctrinate our Texas children into anti-American thinking nor by those people who see no need for children to learn the basic skills needed for success (e.g., phonics, grammar, usage, spelling, cursive, math facts, etc.).   

Because Mary Lou and her husband Anthony are retired teachers, they do not have personal wealth to put into this race for the SBOE; and they are depending on all of us Texans to do our part to help them fund their campaign. It does cost money to print cards, buy signs, maintain a website, and drive hundreds of miles in this big state of Texas to meet their constituents.

The decisions made by the elected members of the State Board of Education impact every community and every city in Texas. Therefore, even though Mary Lou is running in District 9 (East Texas and Northeast Texas), we all have a responsibility to help her get elected so that she can stand with the other SBOE members who want those foundational skills to be taught.

Let me be perfectly honest about the other two Republicans who are running in this race.  One of them is a gentleman whose name I had never heard until he filed for the seat, and I have been deeply involved with public school education in Texas and across the United States for eons.  He definitely has not been a part of the  educational battles that so many of us have fought, including Mary Lou.

The third individual is a member of the Lufkin school board; and he is backed by the Ratliff family, the national school administrators’ professional organization, and the national school board association – organizations that are controlled by the federal government and the U. S. Department of Education.

These are statements from Mary Lou Bruner which will give everyone an insight into her values and beliefs:

I am having a fantastic response everywhere I go; but time is running out; and there are so many counties and cities where I haven’t spoken yet. 

Parents, teachers, and conservative community leaders must get involved now to preserve states’ rights, local control of schools, and parental rights.

This SBOE election is vital.  ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act – rewrite of NCLB) needs to be repealed or nullified ASAP. This law is really bad.  The ESSA will over-rule Texas law which DOES NOT allow Common Core curriculum anywhere in Texas.

Local school districts will lose their rights, and parents will lose parental rights if ESSA is allowed to be implemented.  Under ESSA, students are to be profiled and tracked from cradle-to-the workforce not just on academic factors but on social, emotional, and psychological factors. Teachers are not trained psychologists nor psychiatrists, and they should not be forced into making such judgments that can stay on a child’s profile forever.

ESSA enshrines federal control over states’ academic standards by denying federal funds to states that do not align their standards with the ones set by the U. S. Dept. of Education. This is federal control over what our children are taught. 

Texans must stand strong to protect our children, and the Texas State Board has an important role to play in this effort.

Mary Lou Bruner, Mineola, Texas
903-569-0478 (H)
870-718-7062 (Cell)



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  1. Avatar
    P. Trocceli

    She is the very worst example of a human being. What an uncouth, low-life liar! Just another great example of the crud that is sadly coming out of Texas every single day. Shame because not all Texans like her brand of hatred or endorse it. I would never permit my family to go to school where she teaches. She needs to be fired right now.

  2. Avatar
    P. Trocceli

    She is the very worst example of a human being. What an uncouth, low-life liar! Just another great example of the crud that is coming out of Texas every single day.

  3. Avatar
    Jennifer Miller

    No f’ing way. It is fortunate that you finally retired from being a teacher. You should have been fired a long time ago. The state of Texas does NOT need your services.

  4. Avatar

    Thankfully, Freedom Of Speech in this country encourages folks to say what they believe, no matter how ignorant it reveals them to be. This poor woman is a prime example. If she felt constrained by a requirement to be rational and educated, she would never have revealed to us her total incompetence for any position of trust where at least having an average intelligence is part of the job description. It would be useful for the world astounded by such outspoken insanity to know where she developed these views and why she came to the conclusion they were worth repeating publicly.

  5. Avatar
    Andrea Hall

    There are some “Evil” people in the world. Ones who instill fear, deception and hate. Mary Lou Bruner is one of these people. She should not only be sued for slander, but tar & feathered for being a traitor to her country.

  6. Avatar

    This article completely ignores this awful woman’s wholly unfounded views on science and religion, and instead glorifies her record as a teacher and administrator. This is a disgrace to journalism, and even to blogging.

  7. Avatar

    This woman believes dinosaurs were on Noah’s ark. She believes that school shootings started because evolution is taught in schools and that there is no such thing as global warming, the SCIENCE HAS BEEN PROVEN! She believes the United Nations agenda is to reduce the world population, has she ever been to a meeting to know this? NO!! She believes she is on President Obama’s terrorist list, if she was she would be in jail. She believes LBJ a terrible man and worst president. She wants religion in schools, SORRY IF YOU BELIEVE IN ANOTHER RELIGION you’re screwed!
    She is a looney toon at best and should not be anywhere near children!

    • Avatar

      Amen! This woman is an absolute scourge of ignorance and conspiracy theories. It is disgraceful she’s running for SBOE and that she was allowed to teach of all of this time.

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