Mary Lou Bruner, Standing Against Common Core Way of Thinking

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“Mary Lou Bruner, Standing Against Common Core Way of Thinking”



[Mary Lou Bruner is running for the District 9 spot on the Texas State Board of Education.  She is a super-duper candidate and will be able to make a huge difference when elected in the Republican primary run-off on May 24, 7:00 A. M. – 7:00 P. M.


Keven Ellis is the candidate supported by Thomas Ratliff, Raise Your Hand Texas, TASA, TASB, and other nationally affiliated education organizations – in other words, “the education establishment.”  


Teachers love Mary Lou Bruner because she has a teacher’s heart after having taught for 36 years in the Texas public schools.


SBOE District 9 covers East and Northeast Texas counties.  However, because of the huge influence that the SBOE has over every public school student, parent, and educator, all of us in Texas need to support Mary Lou Bruner ( with our campaign donations and with our prayers.  – Donna Garner]




Posted by Mary Lou Bruner, Republican Run-Off Candidate for Texas State Board of Education, District 9:


In the March 10, 2016, San Antonio Express-News, my run-off opponent, Keven Ellis, told reporter Eleanor Dearman,  “This race is about the State Board of Education not someone’s hate-filled comments toward certain groups of people…It’s sad someone has chosen this platform to talk about their political agenda as opposed to what’s best for the children of Texas.”

I am assuming that Mr. Ellis is referring to me when he says these things because I am the candidate who got 48.45% of the votes when he only got 31.10% of the votes. He believes he has to smear my name and try to destroy my character to make up the difference in votes.

Let me be clear. I am not the candidate with a political agenda. Ellis and his friend Thomas Ratliff are the ones with the political agenda. The agenda is to keep a legitimate conservative candidate like me from being elected to this important position which sets the curriculum standards for the Texas Public Schools. Thomas Ratliff wants to keep control of his old seat for the lobbyists by helping his friend Keven Ellis get elected.

Ratliff told the San Antonio reporter, “If Bruner took over his old spot on the board it would roll back the progress the board has made in recent years.”

What progress is Ratliff talking about — progress toward CSCOPE/Common Core Curriculum?

The parents and taxpayers in East and Northeast Texas tell me they are not happy with the things that are going on in the Texas public schools. They want their children taught CURSIVE HANDWRITING, phonics, grammar rules, traditional math and the multiplication tables other than the 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. They are tired of their children hating to go to school and getting sick on test days.

The day after I applied to run for the SBOE, Keven Ellis called me and asked, “If the only reason you are running is to get Thomas Ratliff out of there, why don’t you drop out and support me?”

I asked Mr. Ellis what he thought about Common Core Curriculum. His answer was a long evasive answer. Basically he said he likes part of Common Core, and he doesn’t like some of it.

Just ask me what I think about CSCOPE/Common Core Curriculum!

I absolutely abhor CSCOPE/Common Core Curriculum.


It is a top-down, one-size-fits-all curriculum which takes control away from the states, local school districts, and parents.  


The local school teachers have no freedom to use their training and their creativity because CSCOPE/Common Core requires them to follow strictly the teachers’ manual so that the students will be prepared for the test. The test is the only thing that is important.

CSCOPE/Common Core is designed to reshape fundamentally the thinking and moral values of the children regarding family, government, religion, and the world.


CSCOPE/Common Core is not designed to teach the fundamental skills children so desperately need to master. It is designed to teach the global worldview.




3.2.16 — “Mary Lou Bruner in Primary Run-Off for SBOE” – by Donna Garner – EdViews.org


2.24.16 audio clip of Mary Lou Bruner’s comments as shared on the Alice Linahan Show  



Wake Up, We the People Radio Show – Interview with Mary Lou Bruner:

Mary Lou Bruner, Mineola, Texas

903-569-0478 (H)

870-718-7062 (Cell)



You can make a donation by mail to:


Mary Lou Bruner, District 9

Betty Carr (Treasurer)

  1. O. Box 1212

Mineola, TX 75773

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