Mass has more than enough certified signatures to End Common Core

Dec 19, 2015 by

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Earlier today the Secretary of State’s office confirmed it: we have more than enough certified signatures, and WILL move to the next phase of the campaign to End Common Core. Congratulations to each and every one of YOU for your efforts to pitch in and make sure we cleared this hurdle. We couldn’t have done it without you!!

Now our question is placed before the legislature, and they have until May 3rd  to act on it. If the legislature does not act, we’ll need to obtain another 11,000 signatures by July 6th and will then be on the November 2016 ballot.

           But we can’t rest—our efforts to educate the voters and the legislature must start right away, and we need your help.

As we’ve said before, we need to start organizing today to launch a strong door-to-door effort to educate our neighbors about Common Core, so they can call their legislators, and prepare for a vote in the fall. We need to start today to develop mailings, radio, and TV ads that cut through the clutter and misinformation about Common Core. We need to raise the funds to pay for them, starting right now.

With the rejection of the PARCC test, some media outlets have reported we’ve already won. Our opponents will make the case that our ballot question isn’t needed, but you and I know the truth—MCAS 2.0 is not a real solution, as it’s based on Common Core. We need to let everyone know that voting YES on our ballot question is the only way to guarantee we restore our high pre-2010 standards and reject Common Core permanently.

So please, even though some many of you have already given so much, please realize what’s at stake: if we can end Common Core in MA, the PARCC consortium will collapse and any remaining states still with Common Core will likely repeal it as well. We can restore our Massachusetts education system and set the tone to restore local control all across our nation, preserving our children’s future.

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