Math Freedom for Our Texas Students

Nov 22, 2011 by

by Donna Garner

Because Texas chose not to participate in the Obama administration’s federal takeover of the public schools through the Common Core Standards, our state has the freedom to write and adopt our own public school curriculum standards.

Donna Garner

The elected members of the Texas State Board of Education have already written and adopted excellent standards for three of the four core curriculum subjects (English / Language Arts / Reading, Science, and Social Studies), and the SBOE is presently in the process of adopting new Math standards (TEKS).

I hope concerned Americans all over this country will listen to this video clip of Nakonia Hayes as she testified before the SBOE last Thursday.

Most of us fear that our country is losing its edge in the field of math which directly impacts the progress our students can then make in science.

Hayes’ explanations are cogent and practical.  The SBOE members listened carefully and then acted upon Hayes’ suggestion (later on in the meeting) to pull a small group of the writing members back together to condense and perfect the Math TEKS into a more “doable” document.

The Texas SBOE is well on its way to producing the best Math curriculum standards in the entire United States.

One of the ways that Texas is leading the way is to require K-5 students to learn their math facts (algorithms – i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)  without depending upon calculators. 

To view Nakonia Hayes’ fascinating testimony, please follow these directions: EClip Service
If you have Real Player installed on your computer, simply click a link and the video clip will begin playing.Depending on your browser settings a blank web page may launch simultaneously with RealPlayer Window. You can disregard the webpage and any error message it may have. If you do not have Real Player, click the Real Player logo at the bottom of this email to go to their site to obtain the free basic player. Follow their installation instructions.DONNA GARNER wrote:TEXAS’ NEW MATH STANDARDS (TEKS) –TESTIMONY BY NAKONIA HAYES, GRADE 3-5 WRITING TEAM MEMBER
Click Here for clip 1

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If you want to listen to the entire Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) segment, please go to this Texas Education Agency link:  Then scroll down to “SBOE Committee of the Full Board, November 17, 2011” and click on “Archive Video Pt. 1.”


Donna Garner


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