Math Learning Apps That Make Math as Easy as One, Two, Three

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Learning math has never been more entertaining than with math apps that bring learning to a whole new level. Instead of clubbing them with endless and boring math lessons, they take a different approach by cleverly disguising basic operations into immensely fun and original games.

Nevertheless, with all the software out there, parents might feel reluctant to leave their child with an app. You don’t want them to tap “spend $500 button”. Thus, here’s a quick list of math learning games selected by parents that ensure a safe and educative environment. It’s like a neat trick that puts math learning in an auto mode.

If the games we listed don’t quite suit your child’s need, there’s a fantastic list of similar, math-related games we found and used to pick apps for this article.

Best 10 Math Learning Games

And here are our personal top 3.

Monster Math – Brings In the Education Without Taking Out the Fun

What better way to make math extremely engaging than by playing with super cute monsters? Monster Math takes your kids on an epic journey through Monster Land, where they need to save adorable monsters using their math chops. With the power of numbers (and candy), kids learn math while playing. They likely won’t even realize all the knowledge sinking in (just don’t tell them). Parents can easily customize the game to focus on a specific part of number crunching. And best of all, you can easily track kids’ progress as they level up to becoming a real kid Einstein!

For Kids Just Getting Started – Simple, Enjoyable & Educational

Monster Math is fantastic for kids who just started their elementary education, but it might be a bit difficult for pre-school kids (then again, you never know if a genius is hiding in that small head). Nonetheless, we haven’t forgotten about pre-school kids and how could we? There are tons of super safe pre-school math apps out there and to make the search just a little bit easier, here is a couple of them we found. All of them focus on the most basic math and of course – fun! Instead of playing cheap games, you can instantly provide educative games that are equally if not even more fun. It’s like masking broccoli as chocolate – they will never know!

Zapzapmath – 150 Fun Math Games & Counting

Zapzapmath is perfect for kids from the age of 5 to 12. But again, there are no limitations. And also, what can possibly be better than math monsters? You guessed it (probably) – Math aliens! With Zapzapmath, kids and parents can quickly choose from a vast list of different math levels, starting with Kindergarten number recognition all the way up to 6th-grade math problems. All of this happens while playing over a hundred of space-themed games accompanied by fantastic cartoon-like graphics. To top it all off, you can create your kids’ personal profiles and have the teacher track their performance as well. And if you have more than one kid, don’t worry. They can easily share the fun in the two-player mode.

Kids are all about endless discovery! It’s only natural as at the current age, their brain is constantly showered with excitement and limitless waves of new things – it’s crazy! Finally, if kids can learn while playing, the more they play, the more they learn! It’s simple math really.

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