Mathematician uses data on surnames for wild claim up to 958,000 voters ‘got up and vanished out of PA’

Dec 28, 2020 by

A mathematician who testified on behalf of President Donald Trump’s campaign before a state legislative panel in Arizona last month claims to have discovered hundreds of thousands of voters who “vanished” from Pennsylvania after the election.

Stories of People Disappearing or Vanishing

Bobby Piton, who told Arizona lawmakers last month that an analysis of voter data turned up several anomalies in key demographics, noted on Twitter Saturday in a thread that after examining more than 9 million names, he found “just under 47 percent of the total” surnames in Pennsylvania “only belong to 1 and only 1 person,” meaning they have no relatives or links to anyone else in the state.

“Once again, no brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, parents that share this particular last name out of 9 million records,” he wrote Saturday.

“Upon looking at the TOP 1000 last names in PA, I have discovered that PA has 695,430 Fewer People in the top 1000 Last Names,” he further explained in the thread that contains sometimes confusing data points.

“Literally, there are 14,776 fewer Smiths, than should be there. 19,591 Williams have gone missing, 30,830 Johnson’s [sic] are no where [sic] to be found. 11,656 Jackson went MIA. What in the world is going on in PA,” Piton added in his thread, in which he tagged President Donald Trump.

“The Tally for these 500 Negative Names (below Nationwide Estimate) is 958,044. This is astounding 695,000 to 958,000 just got up and vanished out of PA,” he wrote.

Piton also suggested that a foreign government was involved, a claim that has also been made by former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, though she has yet to produce evidence of her allegation.

“Please have someone check all of my work immediately regarding PA and GA.  Based on my findings a sophisticated State Actor was able to optimize a desired outcome for both the State of Georgia and the State of Pennsylvania,” Piton wrote.

It’s not clear what methodology Piton used to reach his conclusions, which were refuted by several users online.

Warning: Strong language

During his Arizona testimony, Piton said that in his analysis of voting patterns in key demos he discovered a 95-99 percent of people registered to cast ballots did so, which he said was highly unusual.

“I would have never ever have certified, I would rather resign than have certified those results,” he told Arizona lawmakers.

“If I was an executive at a publicly-traded company, I would never sign that because I risk jail time and having all my money taken from me in lawsuits,” he added. “I believe [the numbers] are fraudulent based on the data… I’d be willing to put my life on it, I’m that sure about the analysis.

After his testimony, Piton was suspended from Twitter temporarily, as was Pennsylvania’s Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano following a vote fraud hearing he organized in Gettysburg late last month.

“This censorship is unacceptable in America. A nation that I served for most of my adult life,” he wrote after being reinstated to the platform. “The point of Twitter suspending this personal account is to prevent me from posting to my Senate account— to silence our voice.”

The suspensions caught the attention of Benny Johnson, the chief creative officer at Turning Point USA, who mockingly wondered if both were done in “error.”

“What are the odds that BOTH @bobbypiton and .@dougmastriano were involved in hearings and violated Twitter’s rules severely enough to be suspended in the same day?” Johnson said.

Source: Mathematician uses data on surnames for wild claim up to 958,000 voters ‘got up and vanished out of PA’

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