Maya Angelou Public Charter School – where I teach

Dec 20, 2012 by

Kenneth-Bernstein-teacher_w350Kenneth J. Bernstein – Here is a video that will give you a sense of the school where I now teach

Take a few minutes and you will see why I have come out of retirement to teach here

we call our students “scholars”

we challenge them not only on their academic work, but also on their social skills

We are a non-profit school

we are working with students who often were not succeeding in regular public school

I am being stretched in ways I have never been stretched

it is not always smooth sailing, but we are committed to our students

I am in the Middle School.

We also house a high school in the same building, albeit on separate floors

I am honored to be here.


Daily Kos: Maya Angelou Public Charter School – where I teach.

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