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“Mayor Rahm Emanuel Literally Destroying Chicago”

By Donna Garner

Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat partisan, is the mayor of Chicago (2011 – to present)


In Chicago this last weekend, 4 people were killed and another 54 wounded by gunfire, including at least 2 teens and a 3-year old child.  During the same weekend in 2017, 48 people were shot and 5 were killed.

According to the Chicago newspapers, before this last weekend, 1,876 people had been shot with 355 killings within the Chicago city limits during 2018.  

Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat partisan, is the mayor of Chicago (2011 – to present) and served as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff. Emanuel also was a senior advisor to Bill Clinton in the White House and remains close to the Clintons. One of Emanuel’s best friends is David Axelrod.

Rahm Emanuel is infamous for his quote: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” which meant that the Obama administration and the leftists would exploit any terrible events to ram through their political agenda – which they certainly did!

PERSONAL TIDBITS ABOUT RAHM EMANUEL: Emanuel is a strong supporter of gun control, has an “F” rating by the NRA, is an advocate for the LGBTQ agenda,  was skilled at ballet in his youth, and was called “the tiny dancer.”  He has frequently been referred to as a “self-hating Jew” and has worked in the background against Israel.  Even though Emanuel did not have an MBA nor any banking experience, he made $16.2 Million in 2 ½ yrs. as a banker (1998 – 2001). He remains very wealthy today. Rahm Emanuel is presently running for re-election as mayor of Chicago.

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