McConnell’s Wife, With Long-Standing Ties To China, Among First To Quit Trump Admin

Jan 9, 2021 by

Elaine Chao predictably left the Trump Administration yesterday after the certification of Joe Biden’s slate of electors. She is the long time wife to turncoat and RINO Mitch McConnell. Chao’s family has “high-level political connections not only in the United States but also in China,” reports the New York Times.

During the Times’ investigation into the Chao family, the publication found “that the Chaos, and by extension Mr. McConnell, prospered as the family’s shipping company developed deeper business ties in China.”

Why would Trump appoint Chao as the country’s transportation secretary when she directly benefits from the decline of America’s maritime industry? Because those in the Republican party told President Trump to trust Mitch McConnell and McConnell wanted his wife in that spot.

Why would Mitch McConnell get cover from the rest of the Republicans, knowing that McConnell and his wife have deep ties to the same Chinese Communist Party infatuated with taking America down? Our elected officials no longer represent the will of the people, and they haven’t since the 1970s.

The report states that “as China was emerging from decades of turmoil in 1984, the Chao family took a stake in a state-owned Chinese manufacturer of marine electronic equipment.” Elaine Chao’s father reportedly used his connections with the Chinese Communist Party to building his maritime business.

After the family “landed its first big contract with the United States government, shipping rice to Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War,” the family repaid the U.S. Government by building all of its ships in China’s state-owned shipyards. The family then used the “Chinese-built ships” to ship “iron ore for a [Chinese] state-owned steel maker.”

During Chao’s leadership in the Department of Transportation, she “repeatedly called for cuts for programs intended to support the depressed system of American flagged ships.” This aligns with the claims that she used her position to help her family’s business dealings based in China continue to thrive during Trump’s ‘America First’ administration agenda.

Mitch McConnell was never on the side of conservatives. He is a neo-conservative that wants to ship jobs and our military overseas. He doesn’t care about the devastation caused by globalist policies because it benefits his bottom-line. I said before that we needed a majority in the Senate. It wasn’t the time to take Mitch McConnell out. However, with the blessing of hindsight, I would have changed my call.

You see, back when I asked the voters to save Mitch’s job, the logic said, I know he is a toad, but he is our toad. The reality couldn’t have been more different. He isn’t anyone’s toad. Mitch McConnell doesn’t represent the people. He represents his interests.

China wanted Biden, and Mitch McConnell did nothing to stop that from happening. Which elected official will get the richest during the Biden administration?

Source: McConnell’s Wife, With Long-Standing Ties To China, Among First To Quit Trump Admin

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