McCrory signs Common Core legislation

Jul 23, 2014 by

Raleigh, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday signed legislation designed to replace the controversial Common Core academic standards in North Carolina public schools with standards drawn up by a new state commission.

The standards were adopted by the state several years ago. But their implementation in the 2012-13 school year angered some parents, who said they were inappropriate in several areas. For the past year, those critics have been pushing lawmakers to repeal the standards.

McCrory has supported Common Core in the past. Just last month, he said the push to repeal the standards “is not a smart move,” but he acknowledged that some may need to be reviewed and corrected.

The governor also expressed concern that the changes could lower the state’s standards – the same argument made by the North Carolina Chamber, which opposed the initial legislation.

House members had wanted to block the state commission from even considering any element of Common Core as it reviews academic standards found throughout the country in order to adopt those best suited to North Carolina. But the Senate insisted on leaving the door open for some Common Core standards to ensure the state adopts the most rigorous set of standards, and the House finally relented on the point.

McCrory noted that, in signing the bill, not much would change, even though bill backers said it would repeal Common Core.

“It does not change any of North Carolina’s education standards. It does initiate a much-needed, comprehensive and thorough review of standards. No standards will change without the approval of the State Board of Education,” he said in a statement. “I especially look forward to the recommendations that will address testing issues so we can measure what matters most for our teachers, parents and students.”

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