Media Collusion: Journalism and Marketing Experts Share the Secrets of Sneaky Advertising, Targeted Persuasion, AI and Tracking, Political Deception and Coercion, and Dishonest News

May 31, 2018 by

by Philip Ryder Dunn –

Today’s media landscape is shaping and confusing the minds of young people at warp speed. Even adults trained in critical thinking and academic analysis get confused with the incessant noise and suspect claims that flow freely across the multi-channel, multi-device media world.

One of the big problems is that advertising and persuasion mechanisms are baked right into the product, and it’s now easier than ever to insert it, track it, retarget consumers and generally dupe people into misinformed positions in order to cultivate:

  • Buying decisions
  • Political decisions
  • Medical decisions
  • Financial decisions
  • Lifestyle choices
  • And other related drivers of everyday living and long-term planning

The upcoming generation of consumers is facing some of the smartest, most irresistible messaging techniques in history.

The platforms that control information presentation algorithms have a significant amount of control, as well (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple).

By the time you finish this book you’ll:

  • Have the ability to analyze and combat advertising strategies and be intentional about your consumer choices
  • Possess critical thinking skills that allow you to examine the motivations, economics and powers behind 1) entertainment, 2) news and 3) advertising media.
  • Have the ability to lucidly debate and explain the modern media landscape
  • Make better life decisions based on a clearer view of how the media world works

As you understand how the goals of digital media, print, broadcast, social media, advertising and influence groups are intertwined, you’ll be able to guide your life choices and make more aware, less emotionally driven decisions (decisions that are often crafted by people outside of your own intentions, aspirations and goals).

You’ll be able to understand and resist MEDIA COLLUSION.

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