Media Lobby Wants to Tax Internet Ads to Fund Media

Feb 28, 2019 by

The chutzpah and greed of the media is as boundless as the ocean, as infinite as the stars and as infuriating as supermarket background music.

The media has demanded that dot com firms put them in charge of deciding what appears on their platforms and privilege their content. But the media took a major revenue hit from internet advertising. What about taxing that money you spend on a Facebook ad?

Facebook and Google aren’t going to stop targeting ads to Internet users, and advertisers aren’t likely to stop loving the data that get their wares in front of super-specific eyeballs. So could a tax on those billions of targeted ad dollars be what it takes to help support journalism of value?

“Free Press believes a sound approach to addressing this dangerous system is an old one: taxes. In this case, a tax would be levied against targeted advertising to fund the kind of diverse, local, independent and noncommercial journalism that’s gone missing, and to support new news-distribution models, especially those that don’t rely on data harvesting for revenue,” write Timothy Karr and Craig Aaron, Free Press’s senior director of strategy and communications and the organization’s president/CEO

Businesses don’t want to waste money on ads in the New York Times anymore? Tax them to do it anyway.

This is not only picking winners and losers, it’s taxing those individuals and businesses that choose to run ads online instead of in the media… to fund the media.

If we’re going to that, why not tax Amazon shoppers and divert the money to Best Buy? We’re not going to do that. But the media feels entitled to issuing demands like these. And since the media is the messaging arm of the Democrats, they will listen.

This continues the media’s post-business model as it transitions to a state propaganda entity like Xinhau or Al Jazeera. Except the state that it represents is the totalitarian state of the political left-wing.

Source: Media Lobby Wants to Tax Internet Ads to Fund Media | Frontpage Mag

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