He is no longer master of his own domain.

Poor Angelo. If he didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all.

The hapless president of the far-left Media Matters for America lost control of his own domain name, AngeloCarusone.com. Naturally, someone else snatched it up.

Debuting today, a mysterious web connoisseur has created a website that outlines the racist, homophobic, anti-transsexual comments that Carusone has made in the past.

A sample of the writings posted at the site include:

“We will expose the truth about the corruption of Media Matters for America and the hateful people that run its operation. Angelo Carusone, David Brock and George Soros. They want only to suppress free speech, eliminate independent thinking and crush an individual’s right to the First Amendment.”

From their home page:

“A top executive at Media Matters for America and the principal activist in the “Stop Rush” campaign made racist and anti-Semitic comments and disparaged “trannies” on a dormant blog that he wrote just several years prior to his prominent liberal activism career. Blog entries reviewed by The Daily Caller show that Angelo Carusone made derogatory remarks about ethnic groups and used language to insult “trannies” and ugly “gays” that would be considered hate speech by his own organization.”

And the best is yet to come.

Each week, Angelo Carusone.com is exposing a CEO, or public figure such as (D) Barbara Lee of Oakland who funds Media Matters for America.

Each donation will be listed publicly. Every donor will be accountable for contributing to hate speech, lies, smears, and slander against conservatives.

You can contact Angelo Carusone on Twitter, @goangelo to congratulate him.

Warning: he responds with graphic language. But it might give you a yuuuge laugh today.