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Cannabis is used in a lot of different ways, ways that we sometimes have trouble appreciating. The typical cannabis user is stereotyped as some college kid who just wants to sit in his dorm room and get high rather than do his chemistry homework. Movies and TV shows haven’t done much to help change that perception. Here’s the thing, though: a lot of people use cannabis and don’t even get high. Yes, it’s true. When people fight for access to medicinal marijuana and related products, they aren’t doing it as an excuse to get stoned, because they probably aren’t going to get stoned. The substance that is credited for the “high” is usually shortened to THC, because the official name is really long and hard to spell. But  today’s medical pot and products like cannabidiol have little to no THC. In fact, cannabidiol, typically known as CBD to people who are familiar with it, may actually be able to protect the brain in ways that we’re still trying to figure out. And for people dealing with certain medical conditions, CBD oils can be an honest-to-goodness lifesaver.

The body and pain

As we get older, we more commonly have to deal with issues like inflammation and pain. Getting older means the body isn’t as fresh and new as it once was, and that means things have a way of breaking down. As adults, most of us can understand it even we don’t like it. But for children dealing with incredibly painful diagnoses, it’s a lot harder to explain. They think their body should be working, but it isn’t. Instead, it can seem like their body is actively fighting against them in an effort to make them suffer. That can be the result of something like severe epilepsy, or it could be a side effect of treatments for something like cancer. The one who suffers the most in situations like this is obviously the child, but in a different way, it’s also an agonizing experience for their parents. As a parent, you feel like your first priority is protecting your child, but there are times when that seems nearly impossible.

Enter CBD oil

That’s where CBD oil and related substances come into play at CBD Central. Parents of children with epilepsy have reported seemingly miraculous improvements after they administer some CBD oil to their child. Again, it probably has something to do with how CBD interacts with the brain, although parents who see results may not care as much about the exact mechanism used to achieve said results. It’s not just available as an oil, either; it can also be purchased as a wax or tincture. You can even get CBD gummies. Make sure you’re getting it from a solid source, though, and make sure it’s not illegal in your state. Since CBD is not known for being psychoactive, more and more states are realizing that legalizing it can go a long way towards helping families who are suffering. But check your local laws before you purchase it, and talk to a medical professional as well.

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