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1500 kids of 7 to 12 years to competed in the Mental Arithmetic Competition held at Ramoji Film City and showcased their computing skills by solving 100 to 230 mathematical problems in 5 to 8 minutes

Telangana Govt is considering to introduce “IT Skills Training in Telangana Schools from 9th Class onwards”.  Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises, an Indian business conglomerate Airtel has approached us on the same. The discussion are going on: Jayesh Ranjan

Hyderabad, October 25, 2015….1500 kids in the age group of 4 to 12years competed in a Regional Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition held at Ramoji Film city on Sunday morning. They have showcased their amazing speed and computing skills by calculating 150 to 200 mathematical sums in 5 to 8 minutes depending on the level they belong to.

Jayesh Ranjan, IT Secretary, Govt of Telangana was the Chief Guest.  Among other who graced the event include Dinesh Victor, Managing Director of SIP Academy Pvt Ltd,  Mrs. Simple Dayama, Principle of Slate School and Mrs. Kalpana, Principle of Siddharth Public School

Organised by SIP Academy India, the Indian arm of SIP Academy (Malaysia) SDN. BHD, Hyderabad it was the 10th Regional Conference. Winner of the competition will go and participate in the National Competition to be held in November in Noida, informed Uma Shwaminathan, State Head of SIP Academy.

Addressing the gathering immediately after the competition was over, Jayesh Ranjan, IT Secretary, Govt of Telangana informed that Airtels, Bharti Foundation has been in talks with the state government to introduce IT Skills Education in Telangana Schools from 9th Class onwards.  However, nothing is finalized yet he added.  Bharthi Foundation is the development arm of Bharti Enterprises established with a vision “To help underprivileged children and young people of the country to realize their potential”.

Speaking further on the sidelines of the competition, Jayesh felt that it would be nice if computer training is introduced in schools from 6th class onwards. Also he shared that Ankit Fadia, the well known Cyber Security Expert is likely to be appointed as the Cyber Security Advisor for the State of Telangana.

Addressing the students gathering Dinesh Victor, MD of SIP Academy said participants in this Prodigy competition will show the spirit of togetherness. It is an opportunity to display their mental capabilities in such a highly contested and enjoyable event. Participating in competitions like this improves their ability to face toughest competitions in life with ease.  Whenever there is a competition, kids who are serious tend to practice a lot.  This will make them more efficient than others, helps to improve their speed in whatever they do.  Every one who participated and score at least one mark more than the previous competition is the winner said Dinesh Victor.

Dinesh Victor Managing Director of SIP Academy adds, the SIP Abacus and Brain Gym program has benefited children enormously in developing their concentration, visual memory, listening skills, confidence and also their arithmetic skills. Since the year 2003 when SIP first started its operations, it has now 610 centers in 270 cities in 20 states across India. Every week 60,000 students attend SIP Abacus training classes.  We have more than 2000 teachers.  Very soon we are also expanding to Jammu Kashmir, he informed Dinesh Victor.

Uma Swaminathan, State Head AP of SIP Academy India Pvt Ltd, remarked, “competitions like this one helps not only to showcase their talent, but also, prepares them for the tough competitions in future”.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Simple Dayama, Principle of Slate School said, current generation of kids have very poor listening skills.  They don’t have patience. They have abundance of confidence, but have very poor communication skills.  They stay aloof. They don’t mix up with people so easily, she said.  Schools must be attention to ways and means to develop their listening skills.

Kalpana, Principle of Siddhartha Public Schools, who also graced said, kids of present day lack values. They don’t have respect for elders.  The values must be inculcated in them with immediate effect. Also what needs the most is physical activity. All most all children lack physical activity. Parents must put some extra effort to ensure that their wards have proper physical activities.  Unfortunately this becomes more difficult when both parents work and they don’t have elders staying with them.  She appealed to people and NGOs to plan more and more sports competitions and activity classes for kids.

The winners of the 10th Regional Mental Arithmetic Competition were given away prize and certificates.

SIP Malaysia is the pioneer of SIP(Sociable, Intellectual and Progressive) is the one and only program of its kind in the world.  SIP Academy India runs world class skill development programmes Abacus & Brain Gym  which make a significant impact on the mental potential of children. These programmes are present  in 18 countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, China, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Africa and Vietnam. In India it is present in over 20 states.

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