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Head of Soviet Secret Police Beria (absolute “brute” even detested by leading USSR communists, who finally killed him) told American students visiting Kremlin in early thirties to go back to the USA and set up mental health clinics in all American towns and cities.
MENTAL HEALTH IS HOW USA WILL GO DOWN.   Do your homework on Soviet psychopolitical agenda.

Psychopolitics is the art of capturing the minds of a nation through brain-washing and fake mental health – the subjection of whole nations of people to the rule of the Kremlin by the capturing of their minds. This book was used in underground schools, and contains the address of Beria to the American students in the Lenin University prior to 1936. he text of the book in general is from the Communist Manual of Instructions of Psychopolitical Warfare and was used in America for the training of Communist cadre. The only revision in this book is the summary, which was added after the atomic bomb came into being. In its contents you can see the diabolical plot of the enemies of Christ and America, as they seek to conquer our nation by subjecting the minds of our people to their will by various sinister means.

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