Pride Month is two months in the past now, but Mercedes-Benz isn’t finished virtue-signaling yet.The latest ads from Mercedes-Benz Canada show members of the “LGBTQ+ community” explaining which color in the Pride flag resonates with them the most.

In the videos made specifically for the colors red, yellow, blue and purple, Arab Muslim activist and drag queen Halal Bae makes an appearance.

“I, as a drag queen, as a marginalized person, really identify with the spirit of pride,” Hala Bae says in the advertisement for the color purple.

“I’m a gender-queer drag performer in the LGBTQ community,” says another drag queen.

The Mercedes-Benz Canada Twitter account promoted the video, writing, “Join us in celebrating the values that unite us all. Today and every day.”

The advertisements are the latest example of Drag and LGBTQ culture being overly-promoted by big corporations who are using the community to make a quick buck.