Meridian Public Charter School shrugs off D.C. investigation into test tampering

Oct 9, 2013 by

Six months ago, a consulting firm working for the D.C. schools superintendent reported that staffers at the Meridian Public Charter School had tampered with their students’ annual city tests, raising scores significantly above what they would have been. The school promised to take action, but last week Meridian’s board chairman, Christopher Siddall, told me the school’s subsequent investigation “found no evidence of test tampering.”

He declined to give details about what he called the school’s “extensive investigation.” He did not say what he found wrong with the D.C. report, the closest look ever at a D.C. charter school’s test security. He said security has been tightened, but it is hard to see how that can be if he can’t say what caused the obvious signs of tampering in the first place.

Parents still don’t know which staff members might have erased wrong answers and filled in right ones on the tests used to measure all D.C. public schools. It’s possible that people who changed test scores might still be teaching their children.

Widespread changes of wrong answers to right ones have been detected by test company officials in dozens of D.C. schools since 2008. D.C. officials have not only failed to fully explain it to parents, but they have acted in most instances as if it didn’t happen, as Meridian has done.

via Meridian Public Charter School shrugs off D.C. investigation into test tampering – The Washington Post.

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