Miami-Dade students to get break from some tests

Oct 23, 2014 by

Students in Miami-Dade will take fewer tests this year after the district decided on Wednesday to cancel one set of interim assessments.

Along with other changes to the testing calendar, it means students will now spend up to 260 more minutes learning — rather than taking tests, according to district Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

“It’s a win for teacher and it’s a win for students,” he said.

The move is the latest development in a growing backlash across the country against the frequency and high-stakes attached to testing, as well as the amount of teaching time lost to administering exams.

The change announced Wednesday means students will no longer take two sets of interim exams. The tests were developed to comply with state requirements to track student progress — but only one round of the scores were actually used for the data.

Carvalho recently challenged the state to look at its own schedules to get rid of duplicative tests. Then, he took his own advice.

via Miami-Dade students to get break from some tests | The Miami Herald.

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