Michelle O’buzzkill: School carnival dumps ‘cake walk’ to comply with new snack regs

Aug 4, 2014 by

HUNTINGTON, Ind. – Even school carnival games can’t escape Michelle Obama’s power grab.

Michelle Obama cakeIn a recent Wall Street Journal story, Lincoln Elementary School principal Adam Drummond said, “We used to have a carnival with a cake walk, now we do a book walk.”

“The students get to pick a book.”

The Journal reports:

Each state can mandate the number of daytime fundraisers held each year that buck the nutrition requirements. But so far, 32 states have opted to stay strictly in the healthy zone, according to a draft report from the School Nutrition Association, which said the final number could change before the school year begins.

That means students in those states, which range from Alabama to California to Texas, can’t sell fatty or sugary fare that doesn’t meet the federal requirements.

“For some districts, this will be a huge change,” said Julia Bauscher, president of the School Nutrition Association and director of school and community nutrition services at Jefferson County Public School in Louisville, Ky. “There’s a lot of fear among school food directors that we will have to be the food police.”

Sam Kass, executive director of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative, told the paper the feds offered states “flexibility” to comply.

“We defer to the states to make decisions that made sense to them,” he said.

That means many schools have banned homemade treats in favor of processed ones, “where the nutritional information is calculated and displayed.”

They’re going that route for fear of being punished by the feds.

Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah was fined $15,000 by the federal government when they were “caught selling soda pop during lunch hour, which is a violation of federal law,” according to Fox 13.

“We can sell a Snickers bar, but can’t sell licorice. We can’t sell Swedish Fish, we can’t sell Starburst, we can’t sell Skittles, but we can sell ice cream, we can sell the Snickers bar, Milky Ways, all that stuff,” principal Dee Burton told the news station.

Maybe that’s the sort of “flexibility” Kass was referring to.

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