Michigan GOP lawmaker suggests Common Core critics have been ‘poisoned’

Sep 27, 2013 by

LANSING – Michigan Republican Rep. Tim Kelly apparently thinks it’s more important to “marginalize” Common Core critics than it is to create sound policy.

laugh and pointWhile Common Core national standards are coming under heavy fire in Wisconsin, Louisiana, Florida and other states, most Michigan Republicans are doubling down.

Kelly has introduced a resolution to implement the national standards, and successfully postponed a hearing on whether or not to fund their implementation.

“I think with this resolution, we’ve marginalized, quite frankly, the anti-crowd into a very minute number,” Kelly told the Detroit News.

“Who outside of the extreme anti-group wouldn’t sign on to this?” he asked.

“If you can’t sign on to this, you’re just simply reading too much into this or you’re reading so much anti (Common Core rhetoric) … and have poisoned yourself so much that you can’t come back from it,” Kelly added.

Wow. Really?

Did Rep. Kelly go to the Jeb Bush School of Ridicule? He might as well say critics are behaving in a “purely political” manner and that they’re merely making “noise,” as the former Florida governor and most prominent “conservative” Common Core advocate has claimed.

Kelly apparently has no interest in the concerns of parents and academics who say the standards are dumbing down education, or represent an unconstitutional  federal intrusion into public education.

He apparently has no respect for the Maryland parent who was arrested for simply questioning bureaucrats who were talking about the supposed virtues of the new national standards.

Robert Small claimed the standards will prepare students for community college and not Harvard. He was forcefully removed from the meeting and thrown in the slammer.

All of these people are simply “poisoned,” according to Kelly.

When conservatives are forced to battle fellow Republicans like Kelly and Bush,  you know there’s real trouble brewing. Who needs Democrats to increase the federal government’s role in education?

“This is Rep. Kelly’s assessment of such quality individuals as (Michigan Common Core critics) Deb DeBacker and Melanie Kurdys, and so many others who have put hundreds of hours of their own time into research on Common Core,” former state Rep. Jack Hoogendyk wrote in response to Kelly’s  statements.

“I know Deb and Melanie well; they have not been ‘poisoned.’ They are both intelligent individuals who cared enough about the education of our children to look deeply into Common Core and found that the ‘core’ is rotten.”

Michigan GOP lawmaker suggests Common Core critics have been ‘poisoned’ – EAGnews.org powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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