Michigan students and schools wired for e-learning

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It’s the first day of school for most of Michigan’s 1.56 million public school students, who are returning to classrooms where many will face academic changes, new technology and other challenges.

This fall, e-books are replacing traditional textbooks for students in Southfield Public Schools, where the district spent $3.5 million in e-books, instructional materials and technology upgrades.

E-books are expected to provide students with online access to curriculum and support materials such as videos, discussion threads, interactive mapping modules for social studies, and a proofreading program designed to improve writing by providing multiple revisions of assignments, district officials said.

The New Education (R)evolution e-learning for Michigan Schools:

Superintendent Lynda Wood said students are wired for technology, having grown up with it at home and all around them.

The district spent $1.7 million on e-books and instructional materials and another $1.8 million for technology upgrades across the district, including iPads, Apple TVs and ceiling-mounted projectors in each classroom. The money came from the general budget — no loans or bonds were used, district officials said.

“Students will have multiple ways to access the content. They can read materials online or download them, view videos, or participate in forums,” district curriculum director George Chapp said. “The curriculum will be continuously updated, so you won’t have the issue of outdated materials that you have in traditional texts.”

All middle and high students will have an e-account in the four core areas of English language arts, science, mathematics and social studies. Elementary students will have new instructional materials and online activities.

For students who don’t have access to a smartphone or computer, the district will provide a set of traditional books in the classroom that can be checked out.

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