Michigan’s high school graduation rate hits 80% mark

Feb 22, 2018 by

Michigan has finally cracked the 80% mark for high school graduation rates.

Data released by the state Wednesday show 80.18% of students in the Class of 2017 graduated last year. That’s up from 79.65 the previous year and is the highest since the state changed high school graduation requirements more than a decade ago, changes that required students to take far more math and science courses to graduate.

The Michigan graduation rate still falls below the national average, which also hit an all-time high of 84% last year, though the national data is based on students who graduated in 2016.

Michigan’s rate of dropouts, meanwhile, is on the decline — with 8.65% dropping out in 2017. That’s down from 8.91%.

Source: Michigan’s high school graduation rate hits 80% mark

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