Middle Schoolers Bored by Common Core Math

Oct 10, 2014 by

Kelsey Harris –

Seventh grader Kayla Gillman loves math. She doesn’t love Common Core math.


Thanks to Common Core, her Sacramento, Calif., middle school, Turlock Junior High, only offers one one math course for seventh grade students and one math class for eighth grade students.


Gillman says it’s not challenging enough, and parents are requesting additional classes that allow children to learn at different levels.



“When has a one-size-fits-all approach ever worked?” parent Jennifer Carlsen told Turlock City News.


Another parent and former math teacher, Marie Guerrero, started a petition on Change.org for an additional math class. She’s worried the students who excel at math will lose interest if they aren’t challenged.


“It didn’t seem right,” Guerrero told CBS Sacramento, “because I know that kids are at all different levels in math, especially by the time they get to middle school.”


According to CBS, Turlock Unified School District will continue to implement the Common Core math classes until they have substantial data to plan differently.


As of Thursday morning, 146 people signed the petition.

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