Middle Schoolers Celebrate Black History Month: ‘The Whole System is Guilty’

Mar 1, 2016 by

“Just young, black & walking.”

Coyle Middle School students in North Texas held up signs for a Black History Month presentation Friday plastered with phrases made viral by the “Black Lives Matter” movement. They included:

Black Lives Matter

I Can’t Breathe

Hands Up Don’t Shoot

Just Young, Black & Walking

The Whole System is Guilty

A shocked police chief responded to the politically-charged display, calling it a “direct attack on police.” According to CBS11, Chief Mike Broadnax didn’t think the school district intended the program to be anti-police, but did say allowing these posters “only promotes the discontent and hatred for police to continue.”

“It’s a bad day,” Broadnax added.

The school’s principal, Michael Bland, agreed with the police chief and sent out a staff email saying as much. CBS11 published the letter; an excerpts is below:

While our campus celebrated the accomplishments of African Americans past, present and future, an unfortunate event occurred during the first performance. There was a sign used in one of the skits that displayed a highly politicized message. Although the intent of the performers was not to offend anyone’s political views, the use of a politicized message on a middle school campus was not the best choice. The message displayed on the sign had political, social and cultural relevance as it relates to social studies curriculum and academic discourse, but was not appropriate and could be misconstrued as advocating for and encouraging students to take a political stance. It could also be taken offensively by law enforcement who risk life and limb daily for our personal wellbeing.

Bland apologized on behalf of the school for anyone that was offended.

Source: Middle Schoolers Celebrate Black History Month: ‘The Whole System is Guilty’ | Truth Revolt

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