Migrants in Italy will be taught they shouldn’t beat women when they say no

Jan 31, 2018 by

Modena, the cooperative “Red Lion” had the fantastic idea to start a courtship course for migrants, teaching them how to behave with Italian women and how to react to a refusal. We are truly living in surreal times.

Apparently, the people we are welcoming in our continent must be taught not to hurt women in case they refuse to have any kind of relationship with them. The “anti-racist” front in Italy has officially lost its mind. The same cooperative has been aiding “refugees” and migrants for a long time and is proud supporters of multiculturalism. A truly lovely progressive story.

Things like this make me wonder how brainwashed progressives can be, believing that telling grown men not to beat women if they do not comply with their desires is now normal for them. And who’s to blame for these migrants behavior? Their religion? Their place of origin? Low IQ? No, none of the reasons listed but their gender!

A similar tactic already tested and seen in Sweden, where feminists and politicians blamed the surge in rape numbers on males and not on the real culprits, is being used here in Italy by progressives like Pietro Grasso who publicly blamed violent actions towards women on the whole male sex.

Source: Migrants in Italy will be taught they shouldn’t beat women when they say no

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