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Huckabee“Mike Huckabee and Common Core”

by Donna Garner



Mike Huckabee has a show on FoxNews.  Last night he evidently indicated he is now against the Common Core Standards after having been an outspoken advocate for them even as late as October 2013.  


Someone might say, “Mike Huckabee just simply did not know how dangerous having national standards could be.”  Here is the link to a substantive article dating way back to 8.7.12 on FoxNews in which Stanley Kurtz laid out a strong argument against the Common Core Standards:  8.7.12 – “Should the White House Control What Your Kids Learn?” – by Stanley Kurtz —  FoxNews.com — http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/09/07/should-white-house-control-what-your-kids-learn-in-school/print#ixzz25oIO40oT



Why didn’t Huckabee “get it” when so many other Americans figured it out and tried to tell him?  Huckabee did not just quietly support CCS; he vociferously supported CCS as evidenced by the articles listed at the bottom of this page.


I imagine that Huckabee has reaped some sort of monetary gain from supporting CCS.  The grassroots have worked for years to discredit CCS and have finally managed to get their message into the mainstream media.  Huckabee has suddenly realized that he might lose his audience (and money out of his pocket) because he has come down on the wrong side of CCS.  


In fact, not only has Huckabee “lost face” with many in his audience; but people feel so strongly against CCS that a political candidate in Texas who sought and received Huckabee’s endorsement is finding himself dragged down by Huckabee’s name.


I did not watch Huckabee’s program last night on Common Core and frankly am not interested in anything he has to say.  When we needed people with his visibility to help us spread the word about the dangers of Common Core Standards, Huckabee not only was nowhere to be found; but he also worked against us by publicly supporting CCS.


Huckabee’s “epiphany” mirrors that of other high-profile people who have suddenly realized that it was not just a few unimportant people who were concerned about CCS; but instead, our nation as a whole is realizing the danger of having the Obama administration indoctrinate our students into the social justice agenda through Common Core Standards.  


How foolish for supposedly conservative people who should know better (e.g., Mike Huckabee, Bill Bennett, Jeb Bush) to support the indoctrination of this generation and future generations through the Common Core Standards Initiative.


The ironic thing is that the Obama administration is trying to use our children at taxpayers’ expense to destroy our standing in the world and to dumb down and indoctrinate our children so that they do not have the knowledge nor the skills to keep America the exceptional nation that it is.    


ObamaCare is the takeover by the federal government of our healthcare system so that they can decide who lives or dies.  ObamaCore is the takeover of our nation’s school systems by the federal government so that Obama’s social justice agenda can become the ideology of this and future generations.   


Huckabee and others are to blame for not having worked feverishly with Congress early-on to get them to defund ObamaCore.  Now the CCS “infection” is spreading into students’ instructional materials, textbooks, digitized programs, day-to-day lessons, assessments, teacher training, college prep materials, and college-admittance tests; and it will be very difficult (not impossible) to pull the CCS out by the root. The time is short.  We have to pull the root out right now before it is too late!



Donna Garner






5.1.13 – “Mike Huckabee Announces Support for Bipartisan Education Standards” – by Jenny Demonte — http://thinkprogress.org/education/2013/05/01/1951811/mike-huckabee-announces-support-for-bipartisan-education-standards/?mobile=nc




5.6.13 –  “Govs. Huckabee and Engler Praise Common Core State Standards” – by Jason Amos – Alliance for Excellent Education — http://all4ed.org/govs-huckabee-and-engler-praise-common-core-state-standards/




6.5.13 – “Huckabee Urges States To Back Common Core” – by Ben Wolfgang – Washington Times —  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/5/huckabee-urges-states-back-common-core/



10.26.13 – “Huckabee Calls on Republicans To Push Back on Conservative Groups” — Talk Business Arkansas — http://talkbusiness.net/2013/10/huckabee-calls-on-republicans-to-push-back-on-conservative-groups/#





Donna Garner


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    I viewed Huckabee’s show last night on FOX. Totally agree with your comments.

    Thanks for all your info.

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