How Millennials Think About Finance Differently From Older Generations

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The topic of millennials and their money is an interesting one. Millennials have grown up in a more challenging financial period than their parents and grandparents in terms of things like lack of security around future state pensions, difficulty getting on the property ladder due to house price inflation, and student debt. However, millennials are also the first generation that really got to make use of the possibilities the digital age brought about for everything from money management through to raising capital for business ideas.

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Millennials and Trading

Millennials feel more pressure to start investing and saving at a young age, and tend to see money management as something they should start considering as soon as they start a career. However, they tend to favour more engaging ways of investing rather than simply holding savings accounts. The rise in accessibility for casual trading on the stock market, in forex or CFDs has appealed to millennials, as it allows them to attempt to get more from their capital in a proactive way, that also pays off with some excitement and a chance to develop skills.

Before mainstream internet, dabbling in forex trading simply wasn’t an option, but now it can be done using mobile apps and hi-tech trading platforms are open even to people with small amounts of available capital, it has really taken off among young professionals.


Millennials – perhaps through necessity after the global economic crisis – are far more likely than previous generations to start a business or work on a freelance basis. Concepts for funding ventures, such as crowdfunding and microfinancing are things that millennials make good use of, and see as logical, democratic ways to raise money without having to get traditional loans.


Millennials have always been in an easily connected world, and so tend to think globally. Things that transcend traditional systems and borders appeal to them, which is why they like using online payment systems like PayPal, and even cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. In addition to this millennials have a keen interest in investing in the stocks of companies that are most important to them, and more importantly, those making the most money through innovation, such as Snapchat.

Certainly, these newer ways of viewing finance and investment are not used exclusively by millennials, however they are things that millennials feel completely comfortable with – after all, they invented them. Millennials have perhaps more challenges in terms of making sense of their money and planning for the future, but they also tend towards looking for practical solutions that make the best use of technology, and are quick to adapt to innovations.

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