Minnesota Board of Teaching’s efforts to dismiss lawsuit fail

Aug 10, 2016 by

The teachers’ lawsuit claims the Board of Teaching made arbitrary and inconsistent decisions when rejecting applications for teaching licenses and ignored the Legislature’s request to streamline the licensing process for educators trained out-of-state and in alternative programs.

State attorneys argued district courts did not have jurisdiction over the board’s administrative decisions and that the proper place for teachers to challenge licensing decisions was through the board’s existing appeal process.

The appellate panel rejected the state’s request to dismiss the case, upholding an earlier ruling that district courts have jurisdiction over the “quasi-legislative actions” of the board. However, the decision overturned a district court judge’s attempt to force the Board of Teaching to make new rules regarding how licenses are issued and to give routine updates to the court.

Erin Doan, the executive director of the Board of Teaching, said she could not comment on a pending legal case.

Source: Minnesota Board of Teaching’s efforts to dismiss lawsuit fail

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