Missing from Scott Walker’s AP Press Release…Common Core

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“Missing from Scott Walker’s AP Press Release…Common Core”

By Donna Garner



Scott Walker has decided to announce for the Presidency today, but notice what has been left out of Scott Walker’s AP press release…any mention of Common Core.


Leading up to today’s launch, Scott Walker meant to tout his supposed “success” at dumping Common Core in Wisconsin; but when the grassroots people of Wisconsin caught him in a lie, he was forced to retreat from his original press release and hope nobody noticed.  We noticed!


Instead of dumping Common Core as often publicly stated by Scott Walker once he decided to run for the Presidency, he simply “rebranded” the name of the Common Core assessments, calling them the “Badger Exams.”  The problem is the Badger Exams have to be aligned to the Common Core.  “What gets tested, gets taught.”  


In reality, the school children of Wisconsin will be dumbed down and indoctrinated by the Common Core; and they will have Scott Walker to blame.  (7.6.15 – “From Wisconsin Leaders: Scott Walker Playing Games with Common Core” — http://www.educationviews.org/donna-garner-today-7-6-15-wisconsin-leaders-common-core/


If Scott Walker tries to deceive the American people about Common Core, what else will he do to try to fool the voters?


In contrast, I love what Ted Cruz has stated, “This Presidential election is going to boil down to one word…TRUST.” 


Ted Cruz chose not to put a dropdown box on TedCruz.org that says “Issues” which is the typical format for a candidate.  Instead, Ted Cruz put “Proven Record” because that is what the American people want to see – not what a candidate says he wants to do but what a candidate has ACTUALLY DONE.  – Donna Garner]



7.6.15 – “What Scott Walker’s Wife and Children Thought About the Same Sex Marriage Decision” —  http://www.educationviews.org/scott-walkers-wife-toughened-life-adds-steel-candidates-spine/


7.13.15 – “Walker Reminds Voters of Union Wins As He Launches His 2016 Bid to the White House” – by Associated Press — http://www.syracuse.com/politics/index.ssf/2015/07/scott_walker_reminds_voters_of_union_wins_as_he_launches_2016_bid.html

5.7.15 — “Ted Cruz’s Fire in the Belly Against Common Core” — by Donna Garner — http://www.educationviews.org/ted-cruzs-fire-belly-common-core/



Donna Garner


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