Why is a Missouri Teacher of the Year Teaching in a Private Start-Up High School?

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Should the primary support for appropriate special education be to find educational alternatives to public education ESSA and Common Core mandates?


It’s the Christmas season and most of us would like to hear uplifting stories this time of year.  The following story illustrates what can occur in education delivery/policy when teachers/administrators/private foundations think outside of a common curriculum and teaching techniques to reach students with learning disabilities.  A positive story about teaching learning disabled students and teaching them in an appropriate manner are evident in this recent St. Louis Post Dispatch article about the Miriam Academy, a school for children with learning disabilities:



Are you looking to donate to a worthy organization this Christmas?  Are you interested in education and concerned about how many public school systems are failing to address the needs of learning disabled students?  Are you weary of ESSA and the Common Core requirements which keep bureaucrats employed and busy completing federal requirements to ‘allow’ states flexibility (which is decided by the federal bureaucrats) but fail the children ESSA purports to serve?  Consider donating to the Miriam Foundation so that more scholarships can be distributed and the school can be expanded.  You can donate directly to the foundation or visit The Miriam Switching Post, a resale shop of donated furniture, art, and accessories which helps fund scholarships and operating costs of the school:




As a matter of disclosure, I have volunteered regularly at the Miriam Switching Post.  Over the years, Miriam had not only a resale shop but also conducted estate sales to raise money.  The estate sale operation closed a few years ago and the shop now generates financial donations to the school.  It’s primarily staffed by dedicated volunteers with little overhead costs to the resale store.   It’s a must stop if you are in the St. Louis area to find great bargains on gently used items and to support an appropriate education for students with learning disabilities.

Thank the folks at the Miriam Foundation for providing these opportunities for children who don’t fit into a common mold with your donation.  It’s difficult and expensive to swim upstream in a system constructed in a manner not conducive to individual needs.

Source: Why is a Missouri Teacher of the Year Teaching in a Private Start-Up High School? – Missouri Education Watchdog

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