Mitch Daniels Contradicts Common Core Documents He Signed

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Mitch Daniels is a big reason my family moved to Indiana. We wanted to raise our family in the Midwest, in some state less indebted and regulated than the others, because we were going to have to pay for other people’s debt, and we wanted to assume as little of other people’s profligacy as possible. Daniels’ reputation for caring about these crucial but mundane-sounding topics made us look seriously at Indiana back when he was governor and a new job conducted remotely meant we could take our tax and social contributions anywhere in the country.

But Daniels isn’t perfect. The RealClearPolitics video podcast Changing Lanes recently released an interview with him, where he parrots false talking points in support of Common Core, which entered Indiana under his watch and still hasn’t left despite heroic efforts to defenestrate it from same citizens who gave Daniels the platform to be considered a presidential contender before he declined that opportunity.

The biggest falsehood Daniels perpetuates here is this: “[Common Core] began, not as a project of Washington, but as a project of governors and states, so at the outset it seemed to me like a worthy endeavor…especially when it was gonna be controlled by the states and governors. I think the wrong turn they took was when the U.S. government decided to co-opt the process and began conditioning some of its education funding dollars on acceptance of the Common Core.”

The truth is, governors and states did not create Common Core. Private trade organizations did. There is no legal avenue for governors to get together and make national policy. Any major policies governors support should become law through elected state legislatures. This is how a republic works. Governors cannot lawfully change law through executive action any more than President Obama can. In almost no case did Common Core become law through a bill that any legislature duly passed. And in the vast majority of cases, no institution comprised of elected officials approved Common Core.

Common Core’s Owners Invited the Obama Administration to Shove It Down Everyone’s Throats

The trade organizations that created Common Core in meetings closed to the public and conducted by unelected people chosen through unknown processes also specifically requested federal involvement from the outset. So the Obama administration did not “co-opt the process.” It had an open invitation to get involved, which it gleefully accepted. Federal involvement was part and parcel of Common Core from the very beginning.

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