MOBocracy in Academia

Mar 17, 2016 by

Tabitha Korol – An incendiary atmosphere of hatred, divisiveness, intimidation and lies is filling today’s schools across America, with 73% of Jewish students admitting they’ve experienced some sort of anti-Semitism. Taking full advantage of America’s liberties, a captive audience and with the full knowledge of faculty, militant Islamic professors use the liberal campus environment to spew anti-American and anti-Israel agenda to effect changes and recruit new Jew-hating Muslims.

Pursuant to the activities of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) (an aggressively anti-Israel organization) and Conn Students in Solidarity with Palestine (CSSP), along with some teaching staff, Connecticut College is no longer the school described in its professed ideology. Founded in 1911, the school was to be a “vibrant social, cultural and intellectual community with an enriched diverse perspective”; to prepare “responsible citizens, creative problem-solvers, and thoughtful leaders in a global society.” It boasts of a “long-standing Honor Code,” with “students expected to monitor their own faithfulness to the principles of honesty and moral integrity.” It declares, “The principles of justice, impartiality and fairness – the foundations for equity – are paramount.”

Yet, in recent weeks an incident was allowed to escalate in direct contradiction to the College’s lofty aims, with the Honor Code’s becoming a Code of Silence. It involved Dr. Andrew Pessin, distinguished philosophy professor of Connecticut College, during the tenure of President Katherine Bergeron, who is responsible for internationalizing the curriculum, although not objectively; and David Canton, who paradoxically holds the title of Interim Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion. Pessin had posted a Facebook entry during the Fall 2015 semester, wherein he described the situation in Gaza as “a rabid pit bull trying to escape.” His student, Lamiya Khandaker, an active member of SJP in high school, knew of the entry, and admitted she’d never felt victimized in his class. Yet in February, 2016, under the tutelage of her student advisor, Sufia Uddin, director of Global Islamic Studies, Lamiya decided to become offended and issued a complaint that the entry “condemned Palestinians.”

Pessin explained that he referred to Hamas, an acknowledged terrorist organization, apologized for any misunderstanding, and removed the Facebook entry, but the unrelenting student, obviously encouraged, intensified her attack, accusing him of racism and conspiring to annihilate the Palestinian people. This was her opportunity to create a crisis where none existed, to suppress speech in order to control the narrative, and specifically to target the Jewish professor who speaks favorably of Israel. Khandaker gathered her forces to malign his reputation. Concurrently, Ayla Zuraw-Friedland, editor of the Campus Voice, published articles by Michael Fratt and Katiyln Garbe, who wrote that Pessin condoned the extermination of a people, and other students’ anti-Semitic comments. Ayla’s column also exposed her own lack of journalistic ethics and the anti-Semitic agenda of History Professor James T. Downs and others whose intent it was to create a hostile atmosphere for Dr. Pessin.

Source: MOBocracy in Academia – The New Media Journal

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