Modifications in the modes of Learning

Jun 20, 2020 by

If ever there was a precise time for Blended learning to take place, it is now. 2020 is the ideal time for distant education to take place. We are already practising self-isolation and social distancing. So the only logical thing is to bring modifications in our education system as well. The change in the schooling system is inevitable. It is time to embrace the gifts of technology and gadgets. With the changing times, the generation changes too. It is a tremendous advantage that students are able to continue their studies without deterring progress.

What is Blended learning?

Blended learning is the process of distance learning. The teacher and the students do not encounter each other physically. They communicate via various virtual outlets. There are a lot of forums that provide the facility of video conferencing. The teaching process will smoothly continue on through these platforms. The students can clear their doubts if they have any about the topic. The teacher can easily respond to the queries. This process can proceed via email chains as well. The students and teachers can communicate via any medium that they find comfortable for them.

Why is it important?

It is no doubt absolutely crucial to continue one’s education. Without proper education, the kids will definitely lag behind the competition. Most of the major institutions are already investing in online classes. Trained teachers are providing their expert guidance. If kids are somehow not allowed to experience this blended learning technique then they would have a hard time to cope with the abrupt new alterations. An academic gap year proves to be lethal for any student. If the students are not in steady touch of studies then they might lose interests in studies. Blended learning can offer so many different fresh courses, in addition to the traditional subjects. So, it should be compulsory for all to go through the courses and spark their interests.

How to access it?

Technology has broadened leaps and bounds over the last decade. Students have all the privileges of science at their disposal. They do not need many devices to access an online class. All they need is a laptop and a headset and they are good to go. Teachers can take tests and grade their copies too. Physical paper books are not eco-friendly, but a pdf book can easily be accessed by many. There is a huge demand for pdf books which is a welcoming sign. It shows that society is becoming more and more informed about the ecosystem.


Going to school is still not feasible in most of the states. And even if they are permitted to go to school, most parents would not allow the students to go as the risk is very high. That is why it is so very important that they should opt for the online Blended learning process. Studies show that children need a constant dosage of inspiration to be innovative. They yield better results if they follow a steady study routine. Being part of an online curriculum can actually make the kids stimulated and engage their minds in productive pastimes.

There can be no alternative for learning. If education halts for a day, civilization must suffer for the consequence. The society must learn to let go off ignorance and appreciate wisdom.

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