Mom believes Upstate NY school gave son wrong ADHD prescription on purpose

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Melissa Delgado thinks the school simply didn’t want to deal with her son’s condition.

An Upstate New York mother is upset that her son was given the wrong prescription medication at his school, and thinks the school nurse may have done so intentionally.

Melissa Delgado sends her 9-year-old son Xavier Rivera to the Neil Hellman School at Parsons in Albany, a school that serves children with special needs. Xavier takes Ritalin for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

On Nov. 21, Delgado got a call from the head nurse at the school, saying that Xavier had been given Focalin, another student’s prescription, instead of Ritalin.

Delgado told WNYT-TV she didn’t even send Xavier to school with his locked box of prescriptions that day.

“Since he didn’t bring in that locked box, the school and the nurses didn’t get the medication. They didn’t count it, didn’t log it. Why was my child called into the office that day to take medication?” Delgado asked.

The answer she believes? It wasn’t an accident.

“They took it upon themselves to give him an alternative medicine,” Delgado told the station. “It was in the same family from the medication he does take, so I think they just did it so he can have medication that day and they wouldn’t have to deal with his struggles if he didn’t get medication.”

Delgado said that the situation could have been dangerous if the Focalin had reacted with Xavier’s other medications. He previously took Focalin, but went off the drug when it gave him low blood pressure.

Delgado also claims that the school nurse told her this wasn’t the first time a “medication error” had happened at the school.

Now she’s refusing to send any medication to the school at all.

William Getman Jr., head of the organization running school sent an email to WNYT, explaining that it was a mistake, and describing the precautions that will be implemented in the future.

“When it comes to keeping children safe, one mistake is too many, and we are fully aware of the importance of our every action,” Getman wrote. “Every day, we work to refine our efforts to protect those in our care.

“In addition to ongoing monitoring, training and support, corrective action steps regarding the distribution of medication that have been implemented include environmental changes made at the facility to reduce the possibility of distraction for medical staff on duty,” he continued. “Additionally, the Registered Nurse involved in this situation has been placed on increased supervision by the Director of Nursing when dispensing medication.”

Watch the WNYT-TV video report below.

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