Monday is National Doctor’s Day!

Mar 28, 2020 by

Happy Doctors' Day #March30 - Trust me, I'm a Pharmacist | Facebook

Michael F.Shaughnessy

Often little bits and pieces of information come to my attention that I feel I have to share. Well, I read somewhere that Monday ( I am writing this on Saturday ) is National Doctor’s Day. I never knew that such a day existed- but now I know.

Obviously, everyone knows about the importance of doctors and their role today in fighting this virus. I am pretty sure that everyone knows the long grueling journey thru college to medical school to residency to their practice. And most of us know about the long middle of the night endeavors spent in hospitals clinics and in the Emergency Rooms across America.

I suspect that all physicians need not just a National Doctor’s Day- but a National Doctor’s Week- if not month- and hopefully when this virus thing is behind us- our doctors ( and nurses) can get a long vacation. These are the unsung heroes of not just America but of the world.

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