Monica Cline: Reveals What Students Are Being Taught in Sex Ed Programs

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“Monica Cline: Reveals What Students Are Being Taught in Sex Ed Programs”

By Donna Garner


I just watched a video presentation by Monica Cline, and it is truly phenomenal. In it Monica explains about her experiences as a Title X training manager and sex educator for ten years, working closely with Planned Parenthood.  In her presentation to Pro-Life Waco on 10.13.19 (, Monica lays out in detail and with total honesty the experiences from her own life.  When she found out from a Planned Parenthood leader that PP refused to report girls as victims of human trafficking because PP considers them willing participants, Monica left Planned Parenthood.

At marker 25:15 in her Pro-Life Waco presentation, Monica (as a former Title X training manager) explains how the federal government’s and the CDC’s evidence-based interventions and risk reduction programs (a.k.a., Comprehensive Sexuality Education) have proven to be a huge failure, even increasing the risk of STD’s; yet the federal government/CDC continue to utilize CSE as a model. 

Monica has posted the latest 2019 study produced by the Institute of Research and Evaluation at:   The study is entitled “Re-Examining the Evidence for Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools: Part One: Research Findings in the United States.”

A quote from this study states, “Out of 60 school-based CSE studies, we found no evidence of effectiveness at producing sustained reductions in teen pregnancy (0 programs) or STDs (0 programs).”

In her video presentation, Monica goes on to state that children want to see their parents lead in their homes; and she encourages Texas parents to ask to be placed on their local school district’s SHAC (School Health Advisory Committee) and/or to attend their meetings which must be public. It is the SHAC that determines the content of sex education content and curriculum that will be used in the local school district. To find out when the SHAC meets, she encourages parents to check their local school district’s website. 

The following article from the Washington Examiner also tells about Monica Cline’s experiences – 10.5.19 – “I Was a Sex Educator Trained by Planned Parenthood: Here Is What I Taught Your Kids” – by Monica Cline —

Monica has started an organization called “It Takes A Family” whose mission is “to encourage parents to ‘Reclaim Parenthood’ and to become their children’s greatest advocates and educators. This is accomplished by equipping families with the resources and skills necessary to strengthen family trust and confidence.” 

Her website is, and she is in the process of publishing a book.  Monica speaks very positively about Heritage Keepers which is an authentic, strong abstinence education program and that because of its well-documented and credible content has received the stamp of approval from the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services:

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  1. S.

    Most of us who in the 70s fought against this very thing! We knew at the time this was coming. We tried to get the unconstitutional Dept. of Ed. abolished, but Reagan didn’t do as he promised. Parents at the time, thought we were “conspiracy theorist“ and wouldn’t believe that our government would do such a thing. Thanks to this unconstitutional department which was probably created by what we call the deep state, we find ourselves in this state of affairs.

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