Montana student with disabilities was moved to basement, denied education

Oct 26, 2017 by

A teenage boy with disabilities in a rural Montana school district was segregated from other students, moved to a church basement and told to do things like watch DVDs or sort nuts and bolts instead of receiving adequate educational services, according to a lawsuit filed by Disability Rights Montana.

The 16-year-old student was allegedly segregated for several months before he was removed from school entirely.

A complaint filed last week in Lewis and Clark County District Court states the student, who is referred to as R.C., hasn’t received any formal education in three years. Because the student goes to school in a rural part of Montana, the school district is also unnamed in court documents to avoid revealing his identity.

“I don’t know if the state has ever been faced with a case where a district wholly excluded a student,” Tal Goldin, an attorney for Disability Rights Montana, said. “It’s particularly egregious at the district level, but it’s equally egregious that the state of Montana knows about that and fails to act.”

Despite a legal obligation to ensure all students receive a free and appropriate public education, the complaint says various public officials knew the student was going without mandated services and failed to act several times in the past three years.

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