More schools in L.A. County granted TK-2 reopening waivers

Nov 9, 2020 by

Forty-five more schools in Los Angeles County have received permission to welcome students in transitional kindergarten through the second grade back to campus, bringing the total number of schools granted reopening waivers under a county program to 74.

Eleven of the 45 latest schools to receive waivers are public schools, with the rest representing private schools. To date, the county’s health department has approved 74 TK-2 school reopening waivers. Almost three-quarters of those waivers — 53 to be exact — have gone to private schools, with another 20 awarded to traditional public schools and one granted to a charter school.

The public schools that received waivers this week serve students in the El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, La Cañada and Gorman Joint school districts.

Las Virgenes Unified, the first public school district to receive the waivers last week, is scheduled to welcome TK-2 students back to campus for the first time under this waiver program on Monday.

A complete list of schools with approved waivers can be found on the county’s Department of Public Health website.

Generally speaking, the number of waivers approved each week is to be capped at 30, though the county can approve more than that in a given week if the number of waivers handed out in prior weeks had not reached the limit.

Source: More schools in L.A. County granted TK-2 reopening waivers – Daily News

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